Justified Laboratories Teeth Whitening Kit

*product was received for free in exchange for honest review

I Whitened my Teeth Guys!
I used this whitening system from Justified Laboratories

Here’s what I received

I got a whole lot with it 

I received

5 tubes of whitening gel
UV light
whitening scale guide

So how does it work?
So basically it’s super simple. This is a 10 day whitening system. So all you have to do is squeeze a drop of the prefilled syringes into the designated dots on the mouth piece. Pop it in your mouth for about 20 minutes and use the light and you are all set.

Looks a little like this

Yes, I totally felt like a cyborg.

You will have to figure out how to incorporate this into your routine because I did find it impossible to talk while I had the mouthpiece in my mouth.
But it definitely works. I saw a noticeable change my day three and by the tenth day the difference was huge!

(How AWFUL is this picture)


This system works really well! I don’t think I would bother with the ones that you buy in the store or any other for that matter when I know that this one works and is as inexpensive as this one is.
This kit costs $35 and can be purchased on Amazon. The only con is that it’s hard to talk with the mouth piece in. So if you have an important phone calls or face time you have to make you should hold off on the teeth whitening routine for a little.

I highly recommend this kit if you are looking at different teeth whitening options.

Buy the Justified Laboratories Teeth Whitening Kit Here  

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