The Crafty Mail July 2015: Review and Unboxing

*Product was received free for review
The Crafty Mail is a brand spanking new subscription box
This box supports small, and so do you if you choose to purchase it each month.
Each month you will be sent 10-15 different samples from various handmade vendors.
And for each month that you buy a box you are entered in a drawing to win the next months box completely FREE. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown

Here is everything that I received in July’s Crafty Mail
First we have
This has a ton of uses. First it’s a toy and you can apply other felt pieces to it. A second option is a pin cushion. And finally, these make excellent party favors. Super cute and in tons of “flavors” this is a really cute idea!
Mini Notebook
This mini notebook is little and cute. If you look around their Etsy there’s an option to buy a whole set of these with little crayons which makes an awesome little Xmas gift for nieces, nephews, neighbors… whoever! 
$5 (each)
These are just interchangeable charms that you can add to your bracelet or necklace. Very cute, and demure. They came on that super cute card with a tiny clothespin holding it there. I got a small purple charm and a little heart charm
Gift Tag
This is so cool. I really enjoy a well presented gift, not just for myself but giving them to others has it’s own kind of “majesty”. This is really nice, I love the dark stain and that it isn’t personalized at all.. no to, no from. I can put whatever I want on there!
Tulle Bow Clips
This incredibly cute hair clip is light and shimmery and perfect for any little prima ballerina! My daughter thought this was the only reason I got this box. They have tons of other cute stuff as well. There is an adorable Top Hat on their site, I kind of want it for myself! Very cute!
Gypsy Soap Sample
This cute little soap smells good, these are guest soaps (which in my opinion are the soaps we have to look pretty) and it definitely is. Pretty red and kind of that translucent looking soap that looks really pretty in a soap dish. What’s more it has a really warm, amberry(?) scent. Really good, rich smell.
Best Day Ever Cake Topper
I feel bad, I didn’t know just what this was in the unboxing video. Now I can’t NOT know… obviously it’s a cake topper! Very INTRICATE and lovely cake topper at that! This comes in a variety of colors and I’ve hidden mine far, far from the clutches of my maniacal children!
Glitter Mason Jar
This is so cool! Firstly, I picked the color and style of the monogram and the color of the glitter. This is the coolest travel cup ever. I have never received something quite like this in a subscription box before. I particularly like the straw! Take a look around their shop too, they offer some nice scrubs and crocheted sleeves for your coffee cups!
Almond Soap Sample
After I opened the little package this was in it was LITERALLY all I could smell. Just  a really earthy, cozy, almondy smell. I really like that. I haven’t gotten to use it yet but this reminds me of oatmeal soap in that it seems like it is probably very soothing.

Anchor Decal
Instagram @Personalize_It
I have no idea what I am going to use this on yet. Most likely something of Oliver’s. Nevertheless, it’s really cute and I am sure it will make whatever I put it on look super cute!

In Summary

Subscription Boxes should touch on three main points; quality, curation, and presentation. This box did well in all three.
The Crafty Mail costs $30 a month and for that we received around $57 in goods. Couple that with the fact that we know we are supporting small business and it seems really like a no brainer.

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