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*products were received free for review

If you remember I posted about Zakia’s Ghassoul Clay Mask a month or so ago. Today I am going to show you a couple of their other products that I tried and am really happy with. 
Let me just say firstly how I think Zakia’s Morocco products are a “match” for my skin type. I haven’t had a single product I couldn’t use which is pretty common for me as I have extremely dry skin and hair. 
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So Here is What I Tried

This is fantastic. Seriously guys, it’s great. 
In container
On skin
I assure you this will leave your skin feeling clean and utterly refreshed. I applied using the loofah pictured above.
Interesting side note, I didn’t look at the ingredients before hand, however I smelled the jar once I opened it and didn’t notice a distinguishable smell. Once in the shower and using the soap I smelled olives and looked at the ingredients and there are indeed olives in this soap – in fact it is made from pure olive oil! It’s unlike any soap I’ve ever used and am really happy that I know about it now.
My husband loved this because afterwards he said I smelled like, “me” You can get the Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap in a variety of scents though!
This glove is meant to exfoliate the skin and leave you with a softer, smoother complexion. It comes with it’s own little set of instructions so it is used properly. It’s recommended usage is once weekly.
I wish I could describe the texture of this, it’s rough but soft. To be totally honest I was afraid to use it at first, and so I didn’t use it on my whole body but instead decided to just try it on just one arm.  Comparing my two arms afterward I noticed an absolute difference in the softness of my skin. I took a picture but you can’t see the difference, unfortunately.
So while there may not be visible results there are definitely changes in the overall suppleness of my skin
Love this stuff! Meant for your face and hair as a “super moisturizer” 
That is definitely not a lie. I may get rid of all my others! Left me feeling extremely hydrated which is so important during the hot summer weather!
It is a liquid in consistency

Ridiculously hydrated
My skin and hair felt brighter, shinier, and healthier. I wound up using this on my daughter’s hair who has coarse and very thick hair. While I liked all three products I received very much this one is my favorite.

There ya’ have it!

Check out Zakia’s site for yourself – they have tons of great products!
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