Send Me Gluten Free Review + Unboxing

Send me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription box that sends you CERTIFIED gluten free products to try each month. Which helps you save money – trying before you buy allows you to figure out what products you like and don’t like. Send Me Gluten Free costs $19.85 monthly + shipping
 However, you can receive 20% off using code BLOG20

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown
The contents of the July Send Me Gluten Free Box

So what is all this stuff?


Multi-seed Crackers x2

These were delicious, I dipped them in some hummus but they were good just as they were. They have a really earthy flavor. And obviously these are baked, not fried.

Hello Beautiful Protein Shake

CalNaturals Svelte
This was good, tastes exactly as you’d imagine a protein shake should. It was filling and yummy. I could however detect the taste of an artificial sweetener. No biggie though.

Glo Protein Bar

Raw Rev
This was really good, and obviously it was stocked with protein. A lot of protein bars can taste bland but I could taste the caramel and salt and was pretty impressed. It was a little melted when I first opened it (it’s summer, you know.) but I put it in the fridge and it was fine.


Chocolate Dipped Coconut

Mini Luna Bar
If you like coconut you will absolutely love this little bar! It is perfect for a quick snack while you are on the go. Keep them in your purse or in your car, heck even at your desk. These delicious 90 calories bars are a great take along snack for your endless summer days!

Chocolate Cake Mix

I haven’t gotten a chance to try this yet, however I am impressed by the inclusion of real food and food mixes as opposed to snacks and sample packets in this subscription box. All that needs to be added to this mix is butter, sugar, eggs, and sour cream.

Organic Pizza Dough Mix

Sevierly Good
I haven’t had a chance to use this either, however I am impressed that it was included.
This is FREE of gluten, nut, soy, dairy, and beans. I’ve never tried anything like this and am kind of excited to test it out. I love making homemade pizza with my kids so this will definitely come in handy

Wowbutter x2

I put this on peanut butter and jelly for my kids at lunchtime and they were none the wiser. This is a great alternative for people with peanut allergies as well. The only downside I could think of was that they probably didn’t have crunchy, but then I looked at their website and TADA they do have it!
Children’s Sinus Support
I haven’t had a chance to use these yet however I have four children so colds and sinus issues are common and in ABUNDANCE so these will definitely be put to good use. No harmful chemicals – contains Vitamin C, Quercetin, Bromelain, Marshmallow, Stinging Nettle, Barberry, Eyebright, Ivy Leaf, and Xylitol.

Bonus Coupons

I received an envelope full of coupons in this months Send Me Gluten Free as well. All products that were included in the box, so that if I choose to buy them I get a nice little discount!
To see the coupons I received, check out the unboxing above!

So To Summarize

This box is pretty great. We look for three main attributes in a subscription box: Quality, Presentation, and Curation.
Was excellent. Each item was a satisfactory example of a quality gluten free goodie
Since the items in this box are certified gluten free that definitely is an obvious plus. They also add a variety of items from snacks and protein shakes, to dough kits and even medicine. This subscription box is well thought out and a great way to find out about new products.

The box is packaged well and looks super nice!
and for $19.85 a month I received approximately $28 dollars in products – add in the coupons and this is a super steal! 
And don’t forget if you use code BLOG20 you’ll receive 20% any subscription length purchase!

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