RagTagBox July 2015 Review and Unboxing

*product was received free for review

July 2015 “Bright & Bold”
This new monthly subscription box costs $29 (however they now offer a half size box for $15 as well) and sends you a mix of paper crafts and stitchy goods!
Each month with your RAG TAG subscription you will receive
1 set of paper craft items to DIY
1 cross stitch, embroidery, or canvas DIY
1 – 2 fun miscellaneous items (most likely handmade by spot colors)
This is putting it lightly folks – my unboxing is over 10 minutes!
This box is PACKED with DIY goodness.

Check out the unboxy box video 

Here’s the box breakdown
Here is everything that I received in the July “Bright & Bold RagTagBox
I usually do a price breakdown when I review the box but as with all the handmade boxes it would prove to be very difficult and kind of unnecessary. Part of what is so special about the handmade boxes is that unique curation which has it’s own merit and value. 

So What is all This Stuff?


Cross Stitch Kit
Let me just say that this is the FIRST time I’ve seen a cross stitch kit in a subbox
You get two different patterns (I myself prefer the rocket) however, they are both pretty rad
You get everything you need to pull these off. And if you are new to cross stitching don’t fret, it’s easy to learn and they have you COVERED when it comes to instruction

I really like that this was included because I used to do these when I was a kid! FUN


Bookmark & Library Card

This super cute duo are both equally cool. Library card comes in handy when your friends borrow your books!

Pictured above
Coupons and Box inserts
Paperclip Bookmark
2 Yards of Blue Twine
3 Fun Stickers
Mini Post It Pack
3 Cardstock Embellishments

I adore the tiny packet of post it notes. There are so many possibilities with this box!

5 Animal Print Tags and Space Invader Eraser

The gift tags are super nifty – very fun and Lisa Frank-esque.
But let’s talk about the space invader eraser, Thanks to google I have remembered the name, this little fella looks like one of the Plutonians from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Super awesome, I think he is my favorite thing in the whole box!

Pictured Above
1 Notecard and Envelope
3 Mini (working) Clothespins
2 Yards of Washi Tape
1 Golf Pencil
1 Bicycle Bottlecap Magnet

I love this grouping together! The bicycle magnet has a really nice magnet so that you can actually hang stuff with it! The clothespins really work so you could use them to hang photos or something else in a home decor project. I love that the washi was on a little spool… so dang cute!


SMPTE color bars make this notecard unique and (if you are old like me) nostalgic because I’m relatively certain that they don’t use these anymore. And yes, I had to look up what they were called.

Pictured Above
1 Treat Box
3 Primary Color Spot Stickers
3 Poms
3 Little Brads

I think it’s fantastic that these all match and that you can use them on the same project, whatever it may be!

Pictured Above
1 Mini Notecard
2 Doilies
1 Polka Dot Hairtie
1 Packet of Confetti

There is so much in this box… I would group things to take pictures and then realize that I had forgotten things. This box really is a crafters delight. I love the hairtie, a unique addition to the box. And life is always a LOT more fun when you have some confetti handy!

Colorful Notecard

Sorry guys, I didn’t realize this picture was blurry until I blew it up. It is a really colorful cool notecard and is blank inside so you can do whatever you’d like in there. Very summery and fun.

In Summary

There are three things we look for in a subscription box, Quality Presentation, and Curation. The RagTagBox absolutely nails curation! I love that you don’t HAVE to do any one particular thing with the items in this box however that option is there… The theme “Bright & Bold” is perfectly put because this box is bright and bold and tons of fun. As far as quality and presentation this box does a great job of giving you great things in a super cute box.
If you like to make things or work with your hands this box is for you. If you spend too much money at craft stores each month getting together projects to fill your time this box is also for you. 
The RAGTAGBOX costs $29 monthly for the full sized box and $15 monthly for the half sized box. I really enjoyed this box as I do all the crafty fun boxes! 

Check out RAGTAGBOX here

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