Crafting it Forward: July Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Looking for a way to spend quality time with your kids?
Having trouble finding a place to put all the things they made?

Got ya’ covered!

Crafting it Forward is a brand new subscription box for families. 
Each month Crafting it Forward will send you two crafts to do, instructions, and necessary supplies. They’ll also send you a little address label and notecard so that you can send your completed crafts to someone in need of a smile. The term they use is “Crafting with Purpose” and it is so apt! Crafting it Forward costs $19 monthly but for two children it’s $24 and for three $31. They also offer an option for an additional $8 a month to sponsor a child. So, you can send a box to a child that is sick with a pediatric illness and who is in the hospital. 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Here is everything we received in the July Crafting it Forward box

So what is all this stuff?

There are two different crafts that you can do in each box. This month we made kites and a birdhouse. There were also feathers, poms, tissue paper, paint, a paintbrush, and yarn included to embellish our crafts!

First the Kites!

Penny beginning her kite project
And Belle too of course (clowning around)
Penny’s kite coming together
Belle’s is a little more “abstract”
I was really impressed!

But Don’t Forget

This guy was idle…
So he occupied himself with naughty things…

Next Up Birdhouse

Putting the birdhouse together took less than five minutes
I really think it’s super cute as is but come on… got to pretty it up!
Also our neighbors have birdhouses with resident finches. My children’s hope is that we will also. 

I like when they are forced to work together on things. It’s hard with a seven and five year old keeping them out of each others hair. I hear them in their room so often fighting … it’s startling. I stress to them at least once a day that we are a TEAM and you’ve got to play for your TEAM.
This craft reinforces that notion with good old fashioned TEAMWORK!

Ahh.. it’s colorful!

Our Finished Product

So we are done with our projects but don’t forget…

There is a little label to send your project to a child hospitalized with a pediatric illness

Our craft will be sent to MaxLove Project
This charity helps kids thrive against the odds.
And empowers parents to be proactive in the healing of their child.

So, in Summary

This box is awesome. The Random Act of Kindness philosophy behind it is wonderful. 
If you have children between the ages of 3-7 this box is for you. It would be an awesome gift from a grandparent as well. This box is perfect for the parent that wants to spend time but doesn’t necessarily have the time to spend putting all the pieces together in their local craft store. This is an awesome way to bond and to show your children the practice of giving back. This isn’t just a craft box … it’s a craft box that also promotes good values and helps us raise good people. 
Love it.

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