ilybox: Review + Unboxing July 2015 + Exclusive Coupon

Say Hi to a brand new box.

The ilybox
This monthly subscription is one dedicated to hope and encouragement. 
Delivering you different challenges, scripture, and amazing products.
We received this box free for review

But here is the best part…

For every ilybox purchased a box will be given to someone in need. That may be a hospital, jail, homeless shelter wherever. The goal is to embrace that ever so often looked over area. Our Soul.
The ilybox costs $24.95 monthly
And if you use Coupon Code VIPAG10 you will receive 10% off your first ilybox

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown

The theme of this ilybox is “inspire”
The Contents
Here is everything that I received

So what is all this stuff?

These cards are such a great idea. They are filled with hopeful and inspiring messages meant to be either positive affirmations or pass aways to friends or loved ones you think could use a few good words. I love this idea!
This smells phenomenal, and while I haven’t gotten to use it yet, (I have four kids I’m saving this baby for a special occasion) I have a feeling I’m going to love it!
Clicking around their Facebook and see that they are really dedicated to good products. They run a free range farm and really put a lot of effort into the quality of their products.
This card has 30 challenges to inspire you 

Awesome inclusion. I’m actually going to try to do all of these.
Maybe you can see that in an upcoming blog post!
I have said while I am not religious, actively. I am a spiritual person. I think the message that these bands send out and the idea behind them is awesome. These are designed to serve as a constant reminder that you should shine your light for Christ. 
Plus it looks super cute on!
Okay so I said in the video that I wasn’t going to eat this entire bar. The lie detector test determined that was a lie! I definitely ate that whole chocolate bar and it was…. delicious. I love toffee so this was a home run for me. This company Divine Chocolate is the first farmer owned, certified fair trade chocolate brand. I don’t know if you guys realize this or not but something like 33 percent of the worlds cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast and the ways by which it is gotten can be pretty bad. So, supporting companies like this is an awesome choice. I know I say it a lot but as a conscious empowered consumer when given the option choose fair trade!


A little about the “industry” and it’s workers

The Chocolate

All weather Notebook

I love this notebook, I love that it isn’t a typical color or texture or anything like that. The pages are a really cool taupe color. Because it’s waterproof it can get wet which besides weatherproofing means that I can throw it in the same bag as a sippy cup and have zero worries! I’m liking that!

The inside of the Cosmos, All weather notebook

So, in Summary

There are three main things that we look for in a subscription box; Quality, Presentation, and Curation. I think the ilybox really nails quality. I felt like all of the things that I received were good products. Particularly for a new box it seems very sure of it’s footing. It was presented very well and I love that the colors of the items even went together, if that was intentional Bravo! Curation was excellent. Every product that was in the ilybox should have been in the ilybox! I really feel like this box was “inspirational” and can “inspire” the spirit!

Upon signing up with ilybox you will get the option of where you want your ilygoxo box (the box that is sent to someone in need) to go. If you do the math the price adds up and this is an absolute steal. If you want to spread good vibes, give back, help out, or be a good servant this box is for you.

I love the idea of this box, I love the philosophy of love and the whole spirit of Random Acts of Kindness and I hope that you do too!

Check out ilybox Here!

And remember if you use Coupon Code VIPAG10 you will receive 10% off your first ilybox

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  1. The bomb was kind of hilarious… totally had glitter in it. Made me feel like Mariah Carey and Cori… AGREE and by the time I get out… FORGOTTEN!

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