Kulture Krate: July 2015 Review + Unboxing India

*product was received free for review
Kulture Krate is a monthly subscription box that sends your child a different themed box of items from a particular country along with a lesson plan 
It costs $24.95 monthly

Check out the Unboxy Box Video

Here’s the box breakdown
The Kulture Krate was beautifully packaged!
Here is everything that we received in the India box
This box was PACKED with anything you could possibly need to give someone a taste of India

So What is it All?

Ganesh Postcard
This is really beautiful, I am going to actually frame this and hang it in my master bathroom. 
It’s a postcard but I am totally keeping this for myself.
Chalkboard and Chalk
Ugh this picture is no good. But they sent along a really cute little chalkboard and chalk. Which  made me feel a bit like a schoolteacher, even though I am relatively certain that teachers and schools (for that matter) have upgraded to white boards at this point. 
Tiger Duct Tape
India’s national animal is the Bengal Tiger. So this duct tape while not really useful for the lesson plan was very apt in the theme (and I’m sure I’ll need some at some point)
This is cute and I can definitely see the India inspiration in it. My kids love notebooks and currently have about 9000 diaries with post it notes on the front that say things like, “do not enter”
Here’s a picture of the inside 
Peacock Wall Decal
This is cute and since receiving this box I’ve discovered that I am going to do my master bath in an India theme. I would have liked if the items in the box somehow corresponded into activities. However I understand the presence of this item, the Peacock is India’s national bird!
India Lesson Plan
The key item in this subscription box is the 20 paged lesson plan included each month. There is a ton of India themed activities and we had such a blast doing this!
We did an entire India themed day and the lesson plan was the biggest part!
If you look above there is a game board and game pieces to play!
(Did you know that Parcheesi was invented in India?)
Some Action Shots of the Kids “Book Learnin'”

That last picture is probably one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen EVER.
Henna Tattoos
I really loved the incorporation of this into the box. There was even a whole section of the lesson plan on Mehndi – so this was perfect. 
Very Cool!
The Adventures of Abdi
I was really hoping they’d include a cool book and include they did! 
I love this book (also this is one of Madonna’s books!) it’s a great story, totally fits the boxes theme, and has super good illustrations!
I mean it is Madonna, she probably has the BEST illustrators on speed dial.
I’m 98% certain these are bookmarks and I didn’t get a little card saying what was in here so we’re sticking with that. However, they are super adorably cute! Love them!
Indian Puppodums
What Indian themed box would be complete without an Indian themed snack? 
These are an Indian Cracker. Not in the sense that you or I are familiar with though. These babies are cuh-razy!
Check it out!
They came out of the box looking like this… and I was surprised to realize that these have to be cooked. There is a microwaving option so we opted for that. 
This is how they came out!
Watching them blow up in the microwave was so awesome!
However, they got mixed reviews….
I liked them!
A Thank You Mint
A sweet ending to a fun box!

In Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box, Quality, Presentation, and Curation.
As far as presentation this box was beautiful and absolutely India when opened. It was a good quality too. I felt like the driving force of this box is it’s educational aspect and that is ever present in the items. Curation was good however I personally would have liked more activity based items. I do however understand the presence of some of the inclusions because of their relevance to India’s national symbols etc. 
I really enjoyed the Kulture Krate
We got a whole day of fun things to do solely around the India theme. We ate the puppodums and listened to classic Bollywood music on Pandora. We did the lesson plan and played the included game. We read the story and we drew pictures. I feel like this box is a perfect summer subscription while your kids are out on summer break. Not only to keep their minds active and learning but also to teach them some things that they might not be able to learn or experience in a typical classroom setting!!! 

If you interested in the Kulture Krate check them out here

4 thoughts on “Kulture Krate: July 2015 Review + Unboxing India”

  1. This is such a good idea.. there were quite alot of cool things in here .. I hope you post pics of the bathroom when you are done sounds like it will be pretty!

  2. Did you get a Spain box from these people? So far, we got France and India but it is the 10th of August and we haven't seen the July box. I don't want to cancel and ask for a refund if it might just be late…

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