Andre Lorent Face Cream

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Andre Lorent 

Crazy Beautiful Face Creme

I’m all about those moisturizes and face creams. You guys know that. I’m always on the prowl for a new “miracle” product. Today we are going to test out The Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful Face Creme and see how it stacks up to the products that we’ve used in the past. The Andre Lorent logo is “Where Skincare Meets Science”

So while that sounds like there might be some crazy chemicals their products are all natural

So let’s start with the packaging

I have heard people complain about little tubs of creme. I myself prefer the little jars over pumps or other decanters. If you are loyal to a pump or bottle then this obviously isn’t for you. Other than that it is simple and nice. I actually think the name is cool. It isn’t very often that you find a product that seems down to Earth. It’s always like “gorgeous startlet creme” or “phenomenal glow” or something utterly unattainable. However, Andre Lorent ain’t liein’ – I feel like Crazy Beautiful sounds fun and possibly achievable!

Crack it Open!

Here it is just a simple white face creme
When I say simple, I don’t mean that in a bad way either. Sometimes simple can be a relief. So often we are pounded with images on products of people and ideals that you can not achieve with a face creme alone. A product that is simple, is just, refreshing I guess?


Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet, and fine lines

Helps your skin produce more collagen for youthfullness

Hyaluronic Acid
For hydration

Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Provide protection from ultraviolet rays and give skin elasticity

Animal Testing

Put it On

It has no scent other than the products it contains which is okay – particularly because I have extremely sensitive skin  . Upon feeling it on my fingers I find that it’s a little heavy for my skin type
and the texture is a little oily. 
Bet you never thought you would see so much of my ceiling, huh?
Anyway. the directions say to apply morning and night to face, neck and decollete. After I put it on I am certain that this is for a different skin type. It’s a moisturizer but it’s heavy and because of it’s anti aging properties has a “filling” effect on the skin so it doesn’t really absorb the way I would like a moisturizer to. This formula is perfect for someone trying to cover fine lines and wrinkles. I think this would be great after you exfoliate as well. It makes a sort of barrier on the skin which would be nice in that instance. It doesn’t look bad, I’m just not fond of the “weight” of the creme on my skin.
Overall, I liked the product but not for myself. I am going to give it to my Mom who I am sure will get good use out of it! I do however have my eye on a few things on their site. There is a really nice tinted sunscreen and a really cute brush set that comes in an awesome case! Mama’s goin’ shoppin’!

If you are interested in buying check out their Amazon! Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful Face Creme Click Here

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  1. I love this product but now can’t find it anywhere! Amazon is out and said did not know if getting back. Do you have home site for them??

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