Bowtie of the Month Club Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review
Despite my gender I really enjoy the men’s subscription boxes. I find myself looking at them often. Probably because the element of surprise is much greater with products that I’ve never used. I have to say I’m fond of the masculine elements as well. And of course I also love their elegant simplicity. There just seems to be less fuss with men’s things. And with that I give you 

Bowtie of the Month Club 

“For your dandyish enjoyment”

A gentlemen’s subscription box that sends you a handmade bowtie each month.
You select the style bowtie (there are three) 
There are three options in terms of subscription length
3 months for $79
6 months for $129
and 12 months for $249

If you would like to just buy a month you can check out their absolutely fantastic Etsy shop called the Wickham House where they have a superb selection of men’s bowties!
Check out the unboxy box video
Mr. I’m Not a Tree Approved!

So what’d we get?

First Let me Say
Bowtie of the Month has really cute packaging tape!
One simply packaged bowtie

Here it is!

One handsome brown linen bowtie
I love this linen bowtie. It’s a great standard color, not overly busy. Very classic and simple.
Here’s a closer look at the fabric. It is quite lovely.
And to put icing on this cake… I learned how to tie a bowtie!

Are you like me?
Not sure how to tie a bowtie?
Super simple!

And Ladies… 
I’ve got us covered
Sorry this pic is so dark. 
Maybe you started reading this and were like, “what is a woman going to do with a bowtie?!”

You’re going to have a fabulous hairpiece dahling!

In Summary
I learned something new and figured out how to put a traditional men’s accessory onto my head. I love it. It’s classy yet still fun and not overly stuffy. If you are looking to try out different bowties and like a surprise this is definitely for you!

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