Battle of the Beauty Boxes

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Last month we did Battle of the Baby Boxes
This month I am taking my huge haul of beauty boxes and comparing them to see what is the best deal out there.
We’re doing:

Walmart Beauty
Target Beauty

Check out the unboxy box video

I’m Going to Start with My Least Favorite

Go Bold
If you don’t already know about Birchbox it’s ten dollars a month and sends you a personalized selection of beauty and skincare products monthly in a limited edition box.
So First, I LOVE this box. It’s so beautiful and fun and just perfect but that’s the best of it right there. 

What’d I Get

There it is guys.
OK I think everyone got this, this month… I can’t really remember. I had to try really hard not to peek and then if I did to forget because I like to be surprised. This is a nice product however this color is not for me. It does dry to a lipstick finish.

Really bold and highly pigmented!

Hello – Harvey Prince Sample

Ugh… when I signed up for Birchbox and said it was OK to get perfume samples I didn’t realize they would send me all perfume from the same company. This is the THIRD Harvey Prince Sample and while it doesn’t really make me angry, I have to ask…. really?
Nevertheless, it smells good.

Bumble & Bumble
Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

Bumble and Bumble is good stuff and I am excited to use this however I haven’t yet. My favorite thing inside this month’s Birchbox

Vasanti Cosmetics
Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

I will actually use this although I haven’t yet. And although I know I’ll use it it just felt like an eh for me for the most part.


That’s approximately what the math worked out to this month…
Holy Smokes this is expensive and I was NOT excited about yet another sunscreen. You see one as far as I’m concerned you’ve seen them all.

So that’s Birchbox

Final Thoughts
I definitely got my moneys worth… I received $25 in stuff. However, would I buy most of it… probably not. It wasn’t a bad box it just definitely wasn’t my favorite.

Next Up

My Second Least Favorite Box
This quarterly subscription is $5 (for shipping) and sends a variety of full size, deluxe sample, and foil packets once each season.
This box had a LOT of stuff. 
However my biggest issue happened to be with this box, otherwise it would have won our “battle”
Also, since it’s probably important to note, I receive the ’30’ year old box…. not that I am or anything. I’m 29 like three years in a row now.

Here’s what I got

John Frieda
Sea Salt Spray
My absolute favorite thing in this box. Love texturizing sprays even if they aren’t necessarily for me. Love that it was included – a great summertime hair product
Assorted Foils
Ken Paves and Jergens Foil Samples
I’ll honestly probably pass these on to someone else. 
Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream
I was pumped for this, I love Nivea… If you watched the unboxing you know…
It was open… and if you watched the video you also know I suspected my daughters who typically don’t touch “Mommy’s Boxes” and alas it was not them… so TRASH!
One Direction Perfume Vial
I always get the comically bizarre perfume samples from Walmart. Not that this is weird it’s just that I’m a little too old for One Direction Merch, ya dig? However, this is suprisingly nice. It’s fruity so it’s a little too youthful for me but it was NOT like the Lady Gaga Sample
NYC Liquid Liner
I have a lot of black liquid eyeliner.. still don’t mind. Even if I don’t use it it’s an item no one argues about taking! This one leaves a very fine line and has a nice felt tip.
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy
Eh I’ll use it sure, and it smells nice
Aveeno Protect & Hydrate

I like Aveeno and this would have been nice except because of the opened Nivea tin I was reluctant to use this because of that beat up box. Is that weird? Sorry, homie don’t play that.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters
I really want to use this… yay!
Obviously, I like that this was included
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Sample
I didn’t even know they made mascara… or maybe I did but I just always think of them as skincare… not eyelashes. This is nice I guess. I’ll definitely use it at some point.

So, that’s Walmart Beauty Box

Final Thoughts

Honestly, if it hadn’t been for that opened sample this would have been my big winner. For $5 I got around $15 in products. I got a good variety and some solid, classic box inclusions which would have a made this a perfect all around box. And since Walmart is quarterly is more what I’d like to see.

Next Up 

Honor Roll
Each season Target sends a box of beauty products (or two this quarter) for either $5 – $7

You guys bought all the Head of the Class Boxes before I could grab one.
Oh well.
This box was surprisingly deep however, there were no surprises as I had seen immediate spoilers all over the internet.

Here’s Everything I received in the Target Beauty Box

This picture sucks, sorry.

So what is it all?

Goody Hair Ties

I can use these for sure. However, I was just saying to someone the other day how, “if you have little girls, you have hairties. And probably everywhere but where they are supposed to be. In your bed, in their bed, on the floor, sucked up in the vaccuum.”
You catch my drift.

Pink Loofah

Um… Yes, this is a nice inclusion. However if you aren’t going off to college you probably don’t need one of these.

John Frieda 7 Day Volume

Two John Frieda’s in one haul? I guess that isn’t unheard of. I will use this and while my hair has volume I am sure I could use some more. Could we all use a little more volume?
Olay Fresh Outlast White Strawberry Bodywash
I have actually tried this, and I love the scent and it’s great and I am totally glad that I got it. I love the white strawberry scent. It is super crisp and invigorating. This is also a really generous sample! 
Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towlettes
I haven’t had a chance to use these yet. But I love Burts so I am sure that I will love them!

Covergirl Outlast all-day Primer

Holy Moly! This was awesome to get! This is super nice too, I totally had to test it out and it goes on really nice and I didn’t need much makeup maintenance throughout the day!

NYX Butter Gloss

I really love this pink, it’s really light and faint which is really what I like in a tinted lip gloss. The formula is kind of just OK but doesn’t mean it will stop me from using it.

So, that’s the Target Beauty Box

Final Thoughts

For $5 this is an absolute steal! I received $26 in stuff. And good stuff at that. I was really impressed with this box. It always has not only a good variety but also a really nice quality.
These quarterly boxes from the “big chain” stores lack a little bit of the personalization that Ipsy and Birchbox can give however because of their HUGE profits from in store sales are able to send out awesome samples which is pretty rad even if they aren’t from the higher end brands.

And Our Big Winner Is….


The July Ipsy Summer Lovin Bag

Here’s what I received

I know this is going to sound mean because I know this was a coveted item but I’m pretty sure we are paying for a name here people. It’s nice though.

Just a nice golden touch. It complements my skin very well.

Bellapierre Lipstick

This is a really rich purple shade. I like this and I know I will wear this. It’s totally Mom appropriate if you know what I mean.

Eyetini Blue Eyeliner

This is beautiful. Blue Hawaiian is the name of the color and the way it goes on is unrivaled. This is my favorite item in the bag. I had never heard of this brand before but I really like their products!

Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo

I love the flavor of this! It’s coconut vanilla, and I really, really love coconut flavored or scented ANYTHING. There is also a really unique texture about this that sort of sets it apart from other lip balms.

J’orel Parker

This is a Harvey Prince product and I’m kinda maxxed out on him right now. I did also get a j’orel in my Ipsy bag in April. However, I really like this bag and this is a nice scent so I am going to forgive them.

So, that’s my Ipsy Bag

Final Thoughts

For a ten dollar bag I received $67 in products – that’s crazy! Plus I loved almost everything that I received! I think this was the best bag that I’ve gotten yet and I know I keep saying it but I really didn’t expect to enjoy Ipsy as much as I do, but I do.

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