Mitten Made Box Review + Unboxing: July 2015

*product was received free for review
The Mitten Made Box is a monthly subscription box that sends 4-7 handmade items that could include home decor, jewelry, beauty, or office. And costs $15 monthly
I love handmade boxes so I was excited for this one!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The box was wrapped really well. There was a layer of bubble and then a layer of newspaper and then this! Cute glitter washi and blue tissue.
Here is Everything We Received in the July Mitten Made Box
Totally cute and fun assortment of things
The box does have a card that tells you what things are but there are no prices. And since everything is hand made and pretty unique… I’m not going to venture to guess.

So, what is all this stuff?

These are fun! I would never have thought to do this myself.
And look what we used them for!
We sent our completed kite craft to Max Love!
This wooden spoon has a brightly painted handle. Pretty Cute. My table is awful, sorry. It is the only thing I can see now when I look at this picture… ahh!
Have these always been popular and I didn’t realize it or are they just getting popular all of a sudden? Either way, I’m on board because they are cute and fun and do not rip my hair out. If you watched the unboxing above I’m partial to that pretty blue one above!
I am really fond of this. I had a similar product to this a few years ago but it was so chemically. This one however is super nice and has only two ingredients; lavendar essential oils and water.
This is my absolute favorite item in the box. It is fun and cute and a really pretty addition to any wardrobe. Love the colors together and the lace. 

Final Thoughts

The Mitten Made Box is a really fun, kitschy box. This box is for you if you like handmade items. I personally think that this box would make an excellent gift just for it’s overall “cute” factor. I felt like smiling the entire time I was unboxing it. Either way it’s a box that will definitely brighten up your day!

Check out Mitten Made Box Here!

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