Orange Glad July Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Orange Glad is a monthly subscription box for the sweet lover in all of us. 
They send you a carefully curated box of only THE BEST desserts and pastries.
A monthly subscription costs $15 and you can double the box for $27 (which I think is super cool)

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Here is everything that I received in the July Orange Glad Box
I was seriously having trouble waiting to try all of these goodies until after I took the pictures. 
Alas, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The packaging is really pretty and simple. Everything is sealed really well which is really important with a box like this. So that was nice to see. 

So, what is all this stuff?

You can find these tasty little treats in specialty stores in Southern California (and also Orange Glad)
This was Mr. I’m Not a Trees favorite. He doesn’t really care for sweets though so obviously he’s going to go with the popcorn! I wasn’t sure of the price because this size isn’t available to view online.
I received “The Vagabond” and it was PHENOMENAL. Vanilla biscotti with Belgian white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. The hazelnuts in this are NO JOKE, huge, delicious, chunks. 
This was probably my favorite thing in the whole box – crunchy but not hard, sweet but not too, too sweet. Just PERFECT!
See that hazelnut on the left? Oh my!
“Handmade from scratch – you can taste the difference!”
Simple and delicious! I love shortbread! I think it’s simplicity is something that you come to enjoy as you get older. This one is super fun though! It looks like an ice cream cone and is covered in sprinkles! Their website says they make a lemon lavendar which sounds… unique and fun!
These were yummy. Very nostalgic for me. My mom used to buy a smaller version of these when I was a kid. I do like that these are more a sandwich than a cookie. 
I couldn’t figure out the price because these little guys hail from Canada!
Brown Sugar Blondie
Not only does Greyston make these tasty morsels, they are also socially active and conscious.
Based in Yonkers, NY they have an open hire program that helps people struggling within the  community to overcome poverty. This was rich and I couldn’t eat it all in one serving like the cookies, either. I had to split it into 2!

So, in summary…

We look for three things in a subscription box service quality, curation, and presentation.
This box had over the top curation. Every single treat that was in this box was worthy. It was clear based upon the variety that I received that this box is thought out and there is an emphasis on the items and how they come together as a whole. As far as quality everything was “top shelf” in my opinion. I had never heard of one of these brands and so I feel like I’ve gained a lot of brand awareness with this box and supported small businesses (which feels good in my soul). This was just an all around joy of a box and I enjoyed it very much. Plus Orange is my favorite color! 
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a better price breakdown – however if you like sweets and trying new things this box will not disappoint you, this box is absolutely for you.

If you’d like to check out Orange Glad Click Here

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