Gracelicious Box July Review and Unboxing

product was received free for review

It’s Gracelicious Box Time!

I so enjoy this monthly jewelry subscription box. For a month to month subscription this one runs $19.99 however the longer the subscription the steeper the discount. What makes Gracelicious so unique is that this subscription allows you to customize your box via it’s initial style quiz.  

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown
Here is everything that I received in the July Gracelicious Box
If you remember last month I had opted for a classic style, this month, in order to give you guys a more accurate idea of the range I chose the bohemian option on the quiz and this is what I received. 
I will be honest, I am a no frills kind of gal but I really love this box!

So, what is all this stuff?

I’ve been seeing these everywhere! Love em! Such a great item for all that exposed summer skin. 
These were my free gift. I am down with that!
This necklace is ridiculously gorgeous. I would never choose this myself but absolutely love that it was included. It’s long and pretty and I absolutely love that kind of coppery look it has. Turquoise and copper are kind of a really hot combo, love them together like this. 
This is perfect. I love that it is inscribed on the inside and I love the arrows and how they tie into last months box so that I can kind of mix it all together. This bangle is yellow gold as was my entire box which isn’t really my style yet I find this unbelievably pretty.
Not only does this 100% match the bracelet but it has that fantastic hammered look.
I am just so feeling these two pieces – my absolute favorite things in the box.
Here is a better look at the inside inscription that matches the bracelet. Do you not LOVE this?!
I received two pairs of these ear jackets (kind of like a backward earring in case you were wondering) These would look really good if you had two piercings and could wear them together. However, you can (if you are like me and have only one piercing per ear) just mix it up and mismatch them. 
These earrings are so much fun, for some reason they conjure up thoughts of a day where I don’t have to go to work tomorrow and I’m going to a festival – no cares. So free spirited and I love it!

So, in summary….

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, presentation, and curation. I’m just guffawing at how this box is so much different from my first box but still ties in and IMPRESSES me! So five stars for curation. And I think we all know this isn’t 24k gold but it’s not flimsy junk either. This is fun fashion jewelry. As far as presentation opening this box is fun. It’s a mystery and each piece is a gift. For the price you receive a TON of stuff! 

So I guess I love it? 

Beyond all this Gracelicious Box offers a hashtag program that is pretty sweet
You can earn cash credit by using hashtags #graceliciousbox #subscriptionbox #jewelry and also mention @graceliciousbox on your jewelry or fashion photo.
Once you do this you just shoot them an email including your IG name and they will give you a $2 coupon
(good once a day for a max amount of earnings of $14)

Check out Gracelicious Box Here 

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