Cram Box September Review + Unboxing PLUS Coupon Code

*product was received free for review

Know someone heading off to college? Heading to or back to school yourself? 

Meet CramBoxes

A brand new college subscription box aimed at treating a college student of your choice.  This company is founded by a college student! So, the person curating is definitely in “the know”
Subscriptions run in semesters. A one month subscription is  $32. A one semester plan is $108 ($27 monthly). And two semesters is $176 ($22 monthly)
However, use code back2college and receive $10 off a 1 or 2 semester subscription

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown

The view upon opening!

Here is everything that I received in the September – Back to School 
It was all packaged securely with tissue paper and I was pretty impressed with the variety!

So, what is all this stuff?

3M Earplugs

These may not look important but you try listening to Miley Cyrus at ridiculous decibels at really odd hours. Yeah, thems the breaks on campus. Good inclusion, really thoughtful.

Earnest Superfood Trail Mix Bar

This was probably my favorite of these super healthy granola bars. Little known fact; Earnest Oats used to be Honest foods! Go figure. This one was Superfood Trail Mix and there was a delicious hint of cranberry. Yum!

Water Bean
Water Treatment Stick

OK so if you watch the video you know how I feel about drinking bottled water. A product like this eliminates so much waste!  So, this is definitely something we will utilize. The interesting thing is that it goes INSIDE the bottle and just chills there! I thought at first that it was meant to clean the bottle… no ho ho comrades, this baby filters from the inside!

Earnest Foods Dark Chocolate Almond Granola Bar

This was good. You really couldn’t taste the chocolate. It just lent the bar a really nice sweet flavor. Also, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how good these bars are for you? Really good, teeming with Omega 3’s and packed with super blends of oats that encourage brain activity!

Barney Butter Almond Butter

I love nut butters. This is no exception and was really yummy. Also very high in Omega 3 “good fats”

Earnest Food Apple Ginger Whole Foods Bar

I mean I can see where people would like this because Apple is wildly popular. This bar however, was my least favorite. Not awful just not really how I roll in the snack department. Still super healthy and full of whole grains to give you a great surge of energy!

4 Dum Dums

Do they need an introduction? Nah! My kids ate ours already. Candy makes every care package better!

2 Number 2 Pencils

Of course these will come in handy! Good old, trusty number 2!

Paper Clips

PAPER CLIPS! (Number 78 is my favvvee)
Seriously, this is an awesome inclusion as a college student will definitely have a use for them!
Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizer + Dehumidifier
This is AWESOME! Definitely my favorite thing in the box. This little bag not only deodorizes but also dehumidifies! I totally get why it was included as well, every college dorm should have one of these little guys in it!
I put ours in the laundry room, which also houses the litter box (I’m a genius, I know)
Just a simple black bag that feels crunchy, no scent. I will let you guys know how it works. I know it says you have to put it in the sunshine every 30-60 days and I am kind of interested in how it feels when you do it? Is it wet? Does it swell.. I will let you guys know too!

So, in summary…

Typically we look for three things in a subscription box quality, curation, and presentation. This box is an overall winner. I felt like I was introduced to a couple of really cool new products. and given really valuable things that I can use as well. The curation is great! Who would know better than someone that is already in college? It’s sent in tissue so it comes in kind of a “no frills” manner but it’s secure. And if you are going month to month or one time you should expect to just about break even as far as cost.If you get if you opt for a semester (or 2) subscription you will definitely get a bargain!
And of course if you use the coupon code back2college you will get $10 off a one or two semester subscription!

Check out Cram Boxes Here

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