Decorate the Day July Review

*product was received free for review
Decorate the Day is a planner subscription kit. That sends you a monthly kit of planner goodies.
There are three different options as far as sizes.
Small which is $5
Medium which is $10
Large which is $15
I received the medium. However, the everyday planner kit is only available for the month of August (go get yours it should be AWESOME) and only in medium and large sizes.They are getting a website ready to launch early next year and thus have paused the subscriptions until then. However in the meantime you can subscribe to the seasonal subscription which looks like TONS of fun!

Here’s the breakdown

Here is everything that I received in the July Decorate the Day planner kit
So much color in here I can hardly take it.
I’m not doing a price breakdown because with something like this it’s very hard to find or figure out values. Besides all this for $10? Need I say more? Instead I am opting for a “this is how I use it” option. So, you can see different ways that you can incorporate Decorate the Day into your everyday life.

So what is all this stuff?

Mini Stabilo Pen

Super fine tip to this super cute little green pen!

Here is a close up of the tip – I prefer really fine tip markers. They make me feel like I have nice handwriting!

These stickers are perfect for just a quick note – when you have something you need to remember. 
The Today Was stamp is really cute, however I can’t imagine that I would use it in a planner. I would however use it for scrapbooking purposes!

So cute!

The Happy Planner (Create 365) Stickers

I LOVE these! They are so encouraging and inspiring. Who couldn’t use a little extra push? These stickers are definitely something that can give you a positive nudge in the right direction!

Moogley & Me Stickers

These are my favorite thing in this kit. I really like that there are stickers to mark when something has been cancelled – that is always an annoyance when I have three things just entirely blacked out…
Beyond that there are also stickers for the weekend and little TV’s. Little candies and banners are also some of the other stickers on this sheet

Heidi Swapp Project Life Card

Super pretty card. I believe this set is for scrapbooking. I actually had never heard of this brand but looking around their site I am really loving a lot of it!

Heidi Swapp Project Life Card
Target $ Spot Pen

First off, how cute are these two together? Love that simple gold and white. The card I can totally see being part of a scrapbook layout. And that pen is so very pretty and simple!

Washi Sheets

These are super feminine and delicate. I love the second from the right. Just super pretty and simple.
The last one has little sayings, like, ” make a wish” and “happily ever after” and in case you guys have forgotten I’m getting married pretty soon! I would typically use something like this for my daughters however, I’m not exactly sure how I could incorporate that all into my planner.

Washi Roll

Love that this is sort of transluscent
Just a simple, pretty, “Earthy” design.

So, here’s how I used it…

Alright so, my system, despite the fact that it works for me is kind of sad.
I have like three weird notebooks. One is my notebook for things I need in the new house and design material I collect. The other is just a white plain ruled notebook that I put all the wedding details and information in. I also have an everyday planner for all the events that are occurring.
I decided to use that to show you guys what the Decorate the Day Planner Kit can do!

All those papers are papers that I stuff inside because I MAY NEED THEM!

So here is the before

August before
And here it is AFTER
This is September, as you can see I ADORNED the heck out of my wedding day! 
Also Penny’s birthday and back to school are big days that month. And I just got a credit for some hospital bills so I did get to use the “cancelled” stickers on a note for a recurring payment. 
Here is August as well. I did get to use the shopping cart sticker too because we are going to Costco today! I actually had a lot of fun doing all of this!
I used this as a thank you card! I thought it made a really cute way to drop someone a nice note!

So, in summary,

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation.
Opening up this subscription is fun! Everything comes presented very well. As far as quality and curation I feel like I know about a few companies I wouldn’t have before this and if you are really into planners and know about these companies you most likely really like them!
I feel excited about looking at my planner now, instead of how I felt before…. like it was the most daunting, cumbersome task I’ve ever dealt with. Now I open up my planner and there is totally a party in there. Everyday should be a party, and now it can be!

Click here to subscribe Decorate the Day for yourself

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