My Sort of Absence

You guys may have noticed I’m not as present, or maybe not. I know I feel less present. 
A few weeks ago my son dumped an ENTIRE cup of coffee right onto the keyboard of my laptop.
I really quickly unplugged it, powered down, and flipped it over and after two days it was running. It ran pretty wonky but it ran. Now… it’s not powering on. I do have a spare… however it doesn’t have a webcam and it just doesn’t have all “my” stuff. So, I’ve had to Dr. an at home tripod because the one I bought at Target totally didn’t work.
Anyway, I am hoping that it miraculously starts working again so I can be blogging back at 100. I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I really like blogging at least once daily but it’s been far more sporadic than I like. 
Send out those positive vibes for me!
Also, I received some Pasta Chips as a Klout perk which was pretty sweet.

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