India in a Box Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

India in a Box is a monthly subscription that sends you a box full of Indian curries and rice.
The starter box costs $29.99 and contains six boxes (3 curries, 3 Jeera rice) which is enough for 3 meals.

If you like Indian cuisine or want to try Indian
Check out the unboxy box video to find out just what opening India in a Box is like!

Here’s the Box Breakdown
This is what I received in my India in a Box
Everything is beautifully packaged as well as vacuum sealed.
I received two curries Dal Tadka and Tikki Masala to accompany the two Jeera Rices that I received.
If you watched the unboxing you know that the instructions are incredibly simple and the ONLY thing I had to add was water (and meat for the masala)!
If you know exactly what you want and prefer to order a few of a single item there is that option as well.

So, making this was a breeze!

But what is all this stuff?

Basically what I decided to do was have this for lunch to show you guys how quickly you can make this stuff! You guys know I have four kids and so making big multi-course meals midday is not a thing that I typically do but with India in a Box it’s super easy.
I received two boxes of this rice. It took only a few minutes to make and all I had to add was water!
It tasted phenomenally, it’s lightly flavored with cumin. It was aromatic and I would never have known that this basmati was of the “instant” variety!
I love rice and obviously am super glad that I tried this kind!
The package inside the box
The rice prior to cooking
All the boxes were ridiculously compact and I am amazed at the amount that these seemingly small portions yielded!
 I think Tikki Masala is probably one of the most well received curries there is. This one is no different, as it is mildly flavored and warm and comforting! I decided to pare this with some chicken and it was so very good. I would never have know that it came from a box.
This was also really easy to make beyond needing something to put this with (you can use veggies, chicken, etc.) the only thing you need is water. 

Busy in the kitchen!

Our Jeera rice and Tikki Masala Chicken!

I had never heard of this before I received this subscription box. I know that I like lentils however, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. This was scrumptious. I served it as a sort of soup. But I believe you can pare this with meat and veggies like the Tikki Masala. In contrast to the Tikki Masala the Dal Tadka has a good amount of heat to it, so be on the lookout for that! Again preparation was very simple and I enjoyed this very much!

So, in summary…

If you are a lover of exotic food this subscription box is definitely for you.
I was impressed with the quality – I never, ever in a million years would have thought this was something that had come from a box. 
It was presented well and I felt like I found out about a couple things that weren’t on my radar before so I definitely feel like India in a Box is bringing something to the table as far as brand awareness is concerned. I definitely recommend this if you are interested in trying Indian and aren’t quite sure where to start or are already a lover of Indian cuisine! 

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