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Beauty DNA isn’t just a monthly subscription – it’s an experience

For $25 monthly Beauty DNA sends you ONE product that is tailored to YOU

Upon registering your subscription you go through an EXTENSIVE survey about your hair and skin.
Not just your face either – everything. You go over nails, health conditions, and  a plethora of chemicals that you may or may not have heard of. This is the perfect monthly subscription for someone who has very particular needs. Their very unique assortment of products is definitely not something that you would find in the standard beauty boxes.

Check out the Unboxy Box Video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
I open Beauty DNA to be greeted with hot pink which is a really cool change of pace
I received a personalized pamphlet about the product that I received

So, what exactly did I receive?

This moisturizer is designed to treat redness and rosacea. And that price is not a lie! I double checked their website and it is indeed $66 American Dollars!
It comes in a really nice glass bottle (I prefer glass myself – plastic always seems less formal) 
This is what the formula looks like. It goes on very lightly and they suggest applying twice daily after washing your face. When I took the sign up survey among the things I said I liked were panthenol, shea butter, and vitamin E. When they selected this product part of the reason is that it contained those very ingredients. It also didn’t include some of my least favorites; alcohol, fragrances, and parabens.
This isn’t the kind of product that you get immediate results with so I will let you guys know next month how things have been going with this product.

So, in summary…

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation.
I felt like I got a home run on all three of those areas. Presentation was outstanding. Everything as beautiful and I felt like I was receiving a gift. This is definitely a high end product with a high end price tag so Quality is definitely a big check mark. Curation is where they stole my heart. This product is for ME.  They found something that is perfect for my skin and for my first month with Beauty DNA they’ve kind of won me over already!

Check Out Beauty DNA for Yourself Here!

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  1. Impressive! I've used non-subscription custom health & beauty products before but they were (supposedly) small batch made-to-order. It makes much more sense to get the yes/no list from the client and find something already existing that meets that need–almost like a concierge service or personal shopper.

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