Bulu Box Review + Unboxing July 2015

In case you guys weren’t aware Bulu Box is a monthly lifestyle and healthy living subscription box that has two options: weightloss and working out
It costs $10 however I got mine on Groupon(?) and I paid $7 or something like that. 
I am honestly kind of on the fence with them as my first month was a complete bust and then I felt like last month was BANG UP and now this month eh… not quite as good!

So, you and I shall see!
Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that I received in the July Bulu Box

So what is all this stuff?

Earth’s Care Anti Itch Cream
Okay, if you watched the unboxing you know that I was pumped about this. However, I put this on poison and it BURNED. I am not sure if maybe I wasn’t supposed to use it on Poison Ivy or what but it was quite unpleasant.
What the evil, vile cream looks like
Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder
This is a cleansing fiber powder. I will never use this so I am not qualified to tell you if it works or not.
Runa Tea
I love tea. And while I haven’t used this yet I am sure that I will. I am glad that this was included.
This has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and twice the antioxidants as 
UP4 Kids Cubes
I will probably actually use these and my kids will probably like them! I haven’t had a chance to just quick look them up on line to make sure that I am ok with giving them to my kids. I try to be cautious with the types of vitamins and supplements that I give them. These are supposed to support digestive and immune health.
More-T Toothbrush
Definitely going to use this unique toothbrush. Promotes tounge cleaning and also up and down brushing! I’m due for a new brush so word up to this guy!
Balance Bare Bar
This was really tasty. It was berry and nut and it was very good. As far as energy I really couldn’t tell you. I do know that I liked it and would buy more as an alternative snack. It’s super healthy and I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks!

So, in summary…

This month was only kind of eh for me. After last month it would be nearly impossible to try to top that. I had a lot of full size and just really nice, high quality stuff next month. Part of me thinks that, that was a fluke. I think Bulu Box may be one of those boxes that is either a hit or a miss month to month and that for me just isn’t worth the money.

Check out Bulu Box here 

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  1. Thanks.. it's healing slowly, but it's healing! And I used the toothbrush for the first time today and it is defnitely going to take some getting used to !!!

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