The Crafty Mail August Review + Unboxing

It’s Crafty Mail time again!

In case you didn’t see my review last month, The Crafty Mail is a subscription box that sends you a box FULL to like, the BRIM with handmade products from a huge selection of different vendors. It costs $30 and they ship ALL over. 

Check out the unboxy box video

(Sidenote: I am using a different computer to do this unboxing so unfortunately you’ll need to turn the volume up because I wasn’t aware this recorded so softly!)

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Love the packaging
You’re Welcome!
Upon Opening!
Here is Everything That I Received
Be still my heart.

So, what is all this stuff?

Business Cards and Small Print
Self Love Print (far left) by: Icebertipping
In the video I didn’t even realize that the little girl with the flowers was a print, I thought it was a really intricate business card…. it is very pretty. 
This pin is adorable! Love kitty cats. I tried to find something similar on the site for a price but I couldn’t find anything. I did find a whole bunch of cool stuff on there – check them out if you get a chance!
LOVE Banner
Love this LOVE Banner! I may actually somehow incorporate this into my reception.
You may remember Sew in Origami was a vendor in last months Crafty Mail Box and they too now are starting their own subscription boxes. I can. not. even.

Cup Cozy
These aren’t on their shop page but they sure are cute! I will definitely get a ton of use out of this. I even checked and it fits on my favorite “car cup” which everyone scolds me about using because it doesn’t have a lid. Where is the fun in that? Now it’s a danger mug with a sweater! YEAH!
5×7 Prints
Where was she when I was getting my wedding invitations done! Love these two awesome prints! Arrows are everywhere right now! These make great gifts or nice accents in your home. Very cool!
Feather Hair Clip
How adorable is this? These are totally customizeable as well. Look around their etsy, their are tons of options and combos to choose from. This hair clip is super cute, it has a really flapper-esque feel to it that I love. I kind of want to keep it for myself but know Isabelle is going to need to have this. :sigh:
Pumpkin Wood Slice
By: Studio SL2 
If you remember last month Studio SL2 sent the really cool gift tag – this month they sent out an etched wood slice which is absolutely unique and cool. You could use this for tons of different stuff. I would say check out their Etsy but (lucky them) they are on vacay! 
Anchor Decal
This is so pretty. I used last months decal on my phone. I have no idea what I am going to do with this one yet… I love the gold. They do a lot of different monogrammed items on their Etsy store, so if that is something you are in the market for you should definitely go check them out!
Gift Tags
My absolute favorite thing in this box. The time involved here is just, wow. These are beautiful. These are gift tags…. this is a gift in itself in my opinion! It better be some gift to top this! Check out their Etsy. They do absolutely stunning work. There’s a seashorse that is AMAZING. I just think these are beautiful. So unique, and creative!
Flower Brooch
This is a fun, whimsical little brooch. It’s very cartoony, and captures something really childlike and cute. This will definitely be adorning one of my girls coats this fall!
If you remember last month Cuddle Cups had a cupcake that was featured in the Crafty Mail. It was really cute and served as a neat little faux food, pin cushion, party favor!
Soap Sample
This is their Cherry Blossom soap but they have TONS of beautiful soaps available! This is a really nice lightly floral scented bar. Mostly it smells fresh. And so very pretty to boot!
Paper Flower
This is breathtaking. Not only is it personalized (obviously with my name that is not something that I can get easily without a special order) But it is just exceptional. This is so beautiful. Last month their contribution in the box was a beautiful cake topper  and this month they have absolutely topped themselves! 

So, in Summary….. 

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Mail nails every. single. one. The things included this month are of the best quality. The curation is fantastic. The box really IS love. The fact that you buy something that was created to support and build each other up. To help a community of artists. I love that this box honors that! It is presented exceptionally. I really love this box and I hope that you guys do too!
I didn’t do a price breakdown this month because a lot of the items weren’t for sale on the vendors sites. But if you can’t see where the value is in this box… you cray girl. I loved last month but I can see a bit of evolution now that they are in their second month and I love that. I really can’t say enough good things about The Crafty Mail!

Check Out The Crafty Mail Here!

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