Brickell Men’s Products Monthly Subscription Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review
Brickell Men’s Products is a high end line of men’s grooming products, recently they’ve expanded to include a monthly subscription service.
With this subscription you have the option of face care, hair care, shaving, or anti aging. And then scented or unscented! 
How awesome is that? 
Subscriptions vary. But a standard shave subscription (what we opted for) starts at $21

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
So the really cool thing about the Brickell Men’s Subscription is that it’s entirely customizeable!
Of the four options; shaving, hair care, skin care, and anti aging – you also get to choose scented or unscented. I don’t know about you guys out there but the man in my life is not into fragrances so when I saw that they had unscented I was super pumped. The shaving subscription also allows you to choose how frequently you shave and the hair care subscription asks the length of your hair. The prices adjust based upon those factors. So, with that being said here is everything we received in our unscented shaving subscription.

So, what is all this stuff?

Brickell Unscented Shave Cream
You guys that are regular readers know I love little tubs of creams and lotions. This is no exception. I love the tactile involvement of these products. This particular packaging has a really masculine feeling. Simple, like something Dick Tracy would buy.
Another notable quality is that this is not “foamy” like other shave creams. 
I know this is for the Mr. but I totally had to try this out! 
Since it didn’t foam I wanted to use it to see if you still got a nice lather. As evidenced in this photo it does get a really nice rich lather going. I was really impressed with this and would use this on myself. 
Brickell Unscented After Shave
I never used an after shave before so I went ahead and did the whole routine. I have sensitive skin and a lot of the scented shaving creams, while nice, burn my skin. So something like this after shave might help me. It has a number of natural, soothing ingredients like; Aloe Vega, Vitamin E, and  Coconut Oil
The formula is a lot like a lotion but I did notice that my skin felt more refreshed than after my typical shaving routine. Other than that it was pretty much a nice lotion for me.
So, if you watched the unboxing you probably noticed that I was curious about aftershave…
First, why don’t women use aftershave?
Answer: There really isn’t a clear answer. The majority seems to think that because the facial hair is thicker it needs the moisture that the aftershave provides.
Second, what exactly is aftershave?
Answer: Aftershave contains an antiseptic that cleans out any cuts the shaving caused. It also has an astringent that can help reduce irritation.

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation.
While I can’t speak for each individual box I can say this one is really high quality and the products are nice and feel luxurious. As far as curation when it comes to a traditional men’s shaving subscription this is perfect – this definitely suits the no frill man. My husband appreciated the very straightforward nature of this box. It is what it is, and it’s good at what it is! This box is definitely manly in it’s presentation; and everything came as it should and everything was sealed.
All in all, I really like the Brickell Men’s Subscription. This makes an excellent gift for your Dad, Husband, Brother anyone really with all of their different options. And if you are a maverick (like myself) maybe you’ll even get it for yourself!

Check out Brickell Men’s Products Here

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  1. Nice! This is the first I'm hearing of a subscription for men. This sounds like a great gift idea, especially for someone in the military or even a grad going off to college. I love that they offer an unscented option. I don't know too many men who are into scented.

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