The Art Kit August Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Have I got something good tonight!
The Art Kit is a monthly subscription box that sends you an educational art kit each month.
I hadn’t seen any actual kits until I opened this one up so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect…. I was absolutely blown away!
This box has a sibling add on option which we also received so that both the girls could try out and enjoy this box.

For the full scoop on opening one of these (huge) boxes check out our unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
We are greeted by beautiful lavender tissue
Here is everything that we received in The Art Kit
There is tons of stuff! This picture doesn’t do it any justice.
Since we received a sibling add on there was double of everything!
The box was broken down into two different packets which you will see pictured below. There was also a book and a puzzle! I don’t think I have ever seen that in a “craft” box which makes this box more along the lines of educational.

So, show me more then!

This box does come with a little pamphlet that explains the kit and the items that you received
The First Packet
Included in this packet was
Our Painting Paper
Obviously we are going to need some paper!
Our Sticker Activity Book
A little sticker activity to recreate one of Seurat’s most famous works
I love all these stickers!
Our Circle Sticker Sheet 
Circle dots to make a picture with pointillist dots. With the sibling add on there are a total of FOUR of these pages. We are going to be making pointillist pictures for a while!
I am REALLY impressed with just this packet. I could have received this and would have thought this was a really great way to introduce children to pointillism.

But there’s more!

The Second Packet
This is everything that you need to paint a pointillism picture.
We received Natural Earth Paint make your own paint kits.
I had no knowledge of this product before this box… I am now a BELIEVER!
One kit is kind of pricey at about $20 but it’s money well spent. 
And with our sibling add on we actually received two paint kits. However, we didn’t even put a dent in the first one. Also in this packet is the scoop for the paint, our brush, q-tips, pencils, paint a dot sponges, and little cups to put our paint in.
Georges Seurat 24 Piece Puzzle
This is a really cool puzzle of “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” and I absolutely plan on framing and hanging it! 
Baggu The Art Kit Bag
I have so wanted one of these!
In case you haven’t seen these they fold up into a little bag. They are really cool and this one is a The Art Kit exclusive!
Seurat Book
This book is perfect for school age kids because while it gives plenty of useful information (most of which I wasn’t even aware of) it also engages the child with cute little comics and puns. My girls were captivated by this (and Oli too!)
*Just to point out I only applied a value to things that I could find a value for. The circle sticker sheets are from The Art Kit and I couldn’t find a price. Even without those things the value of just ONE kit (not including the sibling add on) is $53!

So, what do we do with all this stuff?

Well, you start by having fun silly!
Seriously though, we started with the puzzle
First we built the puzzle
What a great way to tie the whole focus of the box together. To give them the visual aspect so they had something to use as a “compass”
I felt like this was the best way to kick the whole thing off
Next we made our paint
All the pigments from the paint kit.
All we had to do was add water so it was amazingly simple
Belle really proud of the colors that she mixed
Our pointillism creations!
Little painters!
What’s that you say? The one in the middle is beautiful?
You flatterer, you!
Sticker Activities!
Penny (not thrilled about my interruption)
Belle (totally fake smile)
Finished Recreations!

Finally, the Sticker Picture
They seemed to have the most fun doing this and I’m not exactly sure why but it seemed to really bring out the sillies!
Her mask!
We had a great evening! This kept the kids entertained most of the afternoon and evening. I was really impressed that they didn’t seem bored at any point during any of the activities.

So, in summary…

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. And this is literally the FIRST time I’ve received a children’s subscription box that ACES all three. This box is PHENOMENAL! Quality is present in all the items. The paints are so nice and the puzzle and book are very good items. The curation is an obvious home run. Everything in this box is geared right at the focus – pointillism. To find a box that really picks a theme and sticks to it (in a relevant way to boot) is difficult –in a children’s box it’s darn near impossible. This box somehow does that. I find this exciting, to think what may come in future boxes! I would never have even thought of those circle sticker sheets myself or the sticker craft and for that alone I’m impressed. There’s an educational aspect to this box that I love. Presentation is awesome and I’m just speechless. This box is the reason I fell in love with subscription boxes.
Does it seem like I’m rambling? It’s because I want you guys to know the flood of positive qualities that pop into my head when I think of all the AWESOME that is in The Art Kit!
A monthly subscription is  $44.95 but with the just the items that I could find prices for I counted $53 in products so it’s well worth what you pay.
And if you aren’t sold on the monthly subscription they have a web store that you can check out as well! 

Check out The Art Kit for yourself!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! Btw. I love Seurat's Grand Jatte, it was the first piece of art that I wrote a paper on in university 😀 (I studied art history)

  2. I reaaaallly love that they have natural paint in this kit! It seems like such a great monthly box to get to keep kids' brains active and inspired! Love it!!

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