Konenkii Summer Launch Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Konenkii is a brand new quarterly subscription box that is dedicated to women who are aging and aging FEARLESSLY! The purpose of this box is to treat the woman over 40 who may feel unseen by media, doctors, etc,. this box embraces the aging journey. This summer’s box is their launch box and is shaping up to be the kind of fun sub that has gusto and spunk and we don’t get to see too often! 
There is always something to wear, eat, and read in the Konenkii box but that my friends is all the details they are willing to give on that front!

Check out my unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
We open the Konenkii box to a whir of colors. I immediately feel drawn in. I can see subtle clues as to what is inside and I am getting excited — Yay! I see girly things! 
Here is everything that I received in the Summer Konenkii Box.
I have to say that for a box that is aimed at women over 40 (something I am not, yet.) I find all of these items appealing!

So, what is all this stuff?

Hot Flash Cards
A fun way to get your point across or give yourself a little positive affirmation!  I really like that “Gimme a Martini” card! Also, love the pun!
Shmirsky  “Think inside the Box Novel”
A book about menopause. I haven’t read this yet, and it promises to be a quick read so hopefully I can report back to you guys soon. I like that they include a book. Particularly in a quarterly box receiving a book is a nice way of tying all of the items together.
Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes
I received these two nail lacquers and in the video I called the lavender shade the wrong name. So pictured left is “Vintage Leather” and right is “Iced Queen” both are really pretty but I have to say because the lacquer on the left is a matte finish I love that one a little more…
Aren’t they pretty!? 
Silky Summer Scarf
Okay so I love that this scarf came in the burlap bag. It just looks so pretty inside of there.
The print is gorgeous and I love the casual pattern and style. 
You can put this around your neck, your waist, your hair, or the strap of your purse and still look absolutely fabulous!
Here I am rocking that bad boy around my neck! Love it! Wore it today to an outdoor birthday party wrapped around my head… really ridiculously versatile!
Credit Card Keeper
I am most excited about this! I needed something like this in my life and sadly, I had never even heard of something like this before! I will use this all the time I am sure. I am always in Yoga pants or some sort of workout attire and never have a place for my credit card so this couldn’t be more perfect!
By stabilizing our blood sugar this cookie keeps us from having crazy cravings all afternoon! If you want an afternoon snack this cookie is the one for you! A great healthy alternative and… not bad as far as taste either! I thought it was quite yummy.
Taza Sea Salt and Almond Dark Chocolate
OK so the packaging on this is super pretty and cool. I will be honest I opened this up and was like ugh dark chocolate. I’m just not a fan. I know it’s healthier and all that jazz but we all have things we like and don’t like.
Having said that… did I eat it?
You bet your butt I did! And to be totally honest, for dark chocolate, it wasn’t that bad!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This box is so nice, guys. The curation is perfect for someone who is aging and still wants to know that they are a relevant part of female culture. While I can’t say firsthand, I imagine the process of aging can be tough when it has to do with our culture’s perception of beauty. This box gives the subscribers items that aren’t necessarily saying they have to change and that’s an important factor and beauty item included is meant to enhance and not alter. Fearlessly aging, unapologetically aging. I like those ideas. The presentation is also very, very good. If you receive Konenkii as a gift and you hadn’t heard of them before you will never forget their name after opening their box! It’s wrapped so well with their nice little cards all over in there!
So for $49.99 quarterly you get a really great little assortment of items and even though this doesn’t exactly suit me yet — I liked EVERYTHING in this subscription box! I am super excited to see what’s included in their box next season!

Check out Konenkii for yourself!

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