My Texas Market August Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

My Texas Market is a very unique subscription box and I am super pumped to be reviewing it again! This is it’s second month– and if you remember last month — we loved the launch box. 
So in case you missed out on the review last month it’s important to note that My Texas Market curates a box of Texas goods and sends them to subscribers. It is $35 monthly 

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Check out my unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The first glimpses inside the August My Texas Market box
I love all the work that seems to go into the presentation of these boxes. They really are a treat to open. This stamp says, “Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you’ll fly.”
Here are the contents of the August My Texas Market “Survival Kit” Box
There’s a LOT of stuff in here again! I really enjoy opening this box because I know that it’s going to be a mix of things which keeps it pretty surprising.

So, what is all this stuff? 

Salinas Salsas
I haven’t gotten to try this yet. I will have to keep you posted. I didn’t have anything to put it on so it’s in the kitchen waiting for me. It does have a little heat gauge that says this is “That Good Hot” which I hope means the good kind for me and not Mr. I’m Not a Trees version of good hot which essentially means char your tongue off. 
Brass Heart Earrings by Annarees
These are brass! In the video I just couldn’t get the word out of my mouth. Anyway super cute and lightweight. The finish is kind of a coppery color which is really pretty. 
Eco-Topia Shade Tree Lotion Bar
So, I was right! (I’m rubbing my knuckles on my shoulders right now, because I’m THAT good) This is a sunscreen. Because it’s the summer I have tons of sunscreen floating around however, I really like that this is a stick. I am partial to these because I can just swipe the kids before they run outside. (Particularly that wiggly 2 year old of mine.)
Dallas Caramel Co. Caramels
I try a lot of things. In fact I LOVE trying stuff… it’s pretty much why you all are reading my blog right now. And sometimes hype is hype. So when I saw these caramels that were different flavors like chipotle and bacon I was excited but cautious because done poorly this could be an absolute recipe for disaster. 
Bacon Caramel? LIFE CHANGER
Seriously, that good.
The chipotle was more eh.. for me than anything. And the original was a fine caramel specimen. But that bacon though, who would have thought! 
Loved it!
Bravado Hot Sauce
The Jalapeno and Green Apple hot sauce is a pretty exotic flavor. I was going to try it in the unboxing but you never know, so I waited until after. There is a tanginess that I like. And an immediate punch of heat. However, the underlying simmering inferno that some hot sauces leave is not present in this one. I would recommend this for people (like myself) who like hot but not super hot. This would most likely be good in a salad or light fare.
Stateline Designs “All Things Texas” Koozie
I tried about a hundred different times to get a shot where you could read what this says but it was an absolute no go. Anyway, this koozie has different things that are Texas originals… there are a lot! The Mr. will really appreciate this!

Shop Outside the Box

Subscribers received a coupon for 20% off Lauren’s Bloody Mary Mix!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. I really like the flow of this box. There are boxes where the items are all nice and presented well but their relevance to each other is amiss. This box is the OPPOSITE of that. I feel like the themes lend to them and guide you through all the items in the box and for that curation is stellar. Presentation as is customary with this box is top notch as is the overall quality of the items. 
As far as box economy, My Texas Market costs $35 monthly and in the August box we received $44.50 in products (not including coupon) and a whole heck of a lot of brand awareness. I enjoyed opening this box and I encourage you guys to go check them out and maybe buy your own little box of Texas!

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