Cannonball Collective: The Revival Issue Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Cannonball Collective is a new quarterly subscription that offers a unique experience with each kit it sends. Cannonball Collective’s mission is to bring back the fun in our everyday lives and spark our creativity. The Revival Issue’s Torn & Frayed Kit is their inaugural box. The Revival issue sent a collection of items meant to bring new life into old duds. 

Check out my unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Here are our first glimpses of the Torn & Frayed kit. The lower of the two pictures is the ‘zine that comes with each kit. 
So after you lift the top portion off you uncover the actual kit. Everything is very nicely packaged and feels really ceremonious. Like I’m unveiling layers.
Here is everything that I received in the Torn & Frayed kit
There’s an old world, general store sort of feeling that you get when you are opening this box and taking everything in.

But what is all this stuff?

Revival: Torn & Frayed ‘zine
Meant to inspire you, this ‘zine has 0 instructions. It shows you methods and what you have received in the kit but there are no rules and they encourage you to get “messy” which … I’m about that life. 
We also meet Luke in this issue who is a huge creative inspiration to this kit. His story is really cool and after you read this you are absolutely, 100% inspired!
Stitch Guide
This is actually just the insert card that came with the kit, but they put a really cool stitch guide on there that is pretty handy.
Dressmaking Pins
How cool is this packaging?
These come from Merchant & Mills a UK based company that “brings sewing to it’s proper level”.
To get the price on these I had to convert from pounds so this doesn’t account for additional overseas freighting etc. As far as pins go these are supposed to be the best. Made for making dresses. I used them and they were good. I will be honest and say that as far as pins go, I’m no connoisseur.
Merchant & Mills Wide Box Scissors
I again had to convert to USD. These are so cool! Love the black steel. What’s even cooler is the packaging of all the Merchant & Mills products. Has a cool general store vibe that makes you think it comes from a time when things were made to last. 
MOCO Embroidery Thread
I tried to find prices on this stuff and had no luck. These are Japanese 6 strand embroidery threads. I could find only one retailer who had a standard price of $1.56 BEFORE shipping. To find out shipping I had to enter cc information and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I’ll leave the importing stuff to the folks at Cannonball! We received a few really great colors. A nice taupe, navy blue, and ORANGE! Love orange! I love that the Torn & Frayed kit includes worldwide vendors and brands that we’d otherwise never have heard of.
$10 Cannonball Credit x2
We received these two cool pass along coupon cards good for $10 off the quarterly subscription. 
(If you guys are interested in signing up send me a message on the contact form and I will be sure to mail these out to you.)
Superbuzzy Chinese Fabrics
I received five swatches of these high quality Japanese fabrics hand picked for this kit. All the patches you could need for your old denims is right here! I am particularly fond of the seersucker and the kanji patterns. 
Long Darner Needles
There are three different size needles included in the kit. Each able to handle tougher materials (like denim) Long darners also have a wider eye that can handle heavier mending materials. They all came in this cool wooden case. Also, that case totally reminds me of baseball? Is that weird, am I the only one?
Merchant & Mills Tailor’s Thimble
This is gorgeous! I feel like I should have found this at a really upscale flea market. The capless feature of this thimble allows you more control over the fabrics that you are working with. 
Can’t forget the Cannonball Collective Tin!
Can’t forget the tin that all these lovely items came in. I have decided that this will house my sewing kit (that I only just started) I think I’m off to a great start! 
Marukawa Starwberry Gum
I believe this was included just to give everything a sweet ending!

So, what do we do with it now?

Start Making!
This is my jean jacket. I’ve had it since before Penny was born so it is probably about a decade old. I got it at H&M. It has a pretty classic cut and I love the way it fits me so I’ve hung on to this forever. It DOES NOT have holes in it however, I think adding a little bit of color wouldn’t hurt it after all these years!
Since I do love this I didn’t want to go with any really bright colors that I may not be so fond of in another decade. Seersucker is a classic and I feel comfortable adding that to the pocket trim. I cut a hole for the button eye.
m’ tools! 
(Those scissors are grand!)
So. I chose a cross stitch and … you guessed it orange thread! Admittedly, I am not the greatest hand stitcher however, I’m pretty determined! This is before I trimmed the fabric.
I realize this isn’t the best stitching or perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination but that’s part of the whole deal right? Get messy, make it your own. I did that, and dammit I’m proud of myself!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This box goes so far beyond expectations. This really is an experience. I didn’t anticipate it being this awesome. Curation is PHENOMENAL! There is a tremendous amount of forethought and purpose put into the Torn & Frayed kit. Just the ‘zine alone is awesome. I learned about darning (and because i’m kind of an idiot I figured out how darn it became a thing!) I have gained brand awareness thanks to this kit as well. I’ve learned about things, brands, and concepts that weren’t even on my radar before. Presentation is so excellent. The layering in this subscription box is unheard of. I felt like I was uncovering treasure and everything had that really neat feeling of yesteryear. Quality is exceptional. The Merchant & Mills items are so fabulous… and I never would have heard of them otherwise. Often times with craft subscription boxes the items can all be useful and you get a cool craft but quality is absent, that is not the case with the Torn & Frayed Kit
The fact that I was able to give my favorite jean jacket new life was awesome and I have that sense of pride that can only come when you do something you don’t typically do and you don’t do a terrible job.
As far as box economy the Cannonball Collective kits are $95 quarterly. I am not really able to accurately get a feel for the price since a lot of these items are foreign or very unique to this kit. 
I can say that I think it is worth the cost and an absolute delight!

Check out Cannonball Collective for Yourself!

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