Beauty Box Battle: August Edition

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It’s that magical time of the month, when the beauty boxes start rolling in and we can’t help but feel like a little kid at Christmas. This month’s Battle of the Beauty Boxes will include:




Target Beauty Box

Each is unique but they do each have things in common all contain beauty products and all are under $10, So, who will reign supreme this month? 

Check out the unboxy box video

So where should we start?

So, just so you know Birchbox is a monthly beauty sub that costs $10. Samples are determined by your initial style quiz. As far as the August Box I am unimpressed, this in comparison to other BBoxes that I have received seems amateur.
Here is everything that I received in this month’s Birchbox.
It’s better than last month but I’m still lukewarm on it.
I received 3 haircare samples. I just feel like they could shake it up a bit for me.
As far as value this one was (with just the items I could get a price for) $22 in value for a $10 which isn’t bad at all.

So what is all this stuff?

Beauty Protector
I’ve seen everybody get this in their Birchbox’s and I’m not surprised that I finally received it. It smells mildly like Vanilla and the packaging is pretty. I will definitely use this
R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo
I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, however A+ for packaging! I don’t have any dry shampoo at the moment so that’s awesome. These are great for me as I don’t shampoo too often. (I don’t have to) but having dry shampoo is a nice way to freshen up my hair.
dr. brandt pores no more cleanser
This is a small sample. I still have the vacuum cleanser that I received in an Ipsy a couple moons ago.  I haven’t used that yet and it will probably be a little until I can really give you guys an accurate review of this.
Curly Hair Solutions Leave in Conditioner
I’m actually really excited to try this. I have rough and dry hair, will this be a magical product for me? Stay tuned in to find out kiddos!
The Balm Desert Bronzer
Another The Balm item. Their packaging is cute but I’m not sure that their stuff is for me perse. 
It’s a nice color but it’s all kinds of wrong for me. 


In case you didn’t know Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription a lot like Birchbox except that it sends you more makeup where as BBox sends more skincare, haircare etc. I love the bag this month, houndstooth never looked so cool!
Here is everything that I received in the August Ipsy Glam Bag
Usually Ipsy is my big battle winner but this month it was right in line with BB.
However for our $10 investment this month we received $53 in products.
(also last month we were able to inspire a fellow blogger to subscribe which we think is kind of cool and would love to know what she got?;)

So what is all this stuff

Starlooks Pro Eyeliner Pen
Wow, that’s expensive. I know people like starlooks but I’m not really a fan. However, this is a nice pen and is REALLY black. It’s totally easy to press so you can get an easy wing.
There it is. As you can see the harder you press the thicker the line. I like that about it.
Eco-beauty Good Night Night Cream
I love skin creams so I am pumped that I got this. I also like the packaging, it’s pretty nifty. This stuff is pretty expensive so I’m hoping it does a good job!
Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Blow Dry Spray
This is probably a really nice product and it smells lovely but I don’t blow dry my hair. How can you use a blow dry spray if you don’t blow dry your hair, seriously anyone know? 
Hikari Salsa Lip Gloss
This color is gorgeous and I’m kind of in love with the formula as well. Super stainy and lasting!
My daughters convinced me to put this on them and I put it on thinking it would fade quickly 6 hours later…. still there…. YIKES.
Is that not to die for? Seriously.
I like that this is bright but just the right kind of bright for me. I can’t wear stuff that’s so, so vibrant because it makes me feel like a clown. This is unclowny!
City Color HD Powder
This is a finishing powder, it is transluscent and sets your make up. It’s loose which I’m not a fan of. Apparently, (I haven’t tried it for myself yet) It has a shine that gives the appearance of airbrushing. I’m curious to see how it looks on me. Powders are usually not a friend to me.
As you may know Target also has it’s own beauty box.
It ranges in price from $5- $7 and is always a good buy.
It appears as though they are bringing these out more frequently as there is another already set to be available in September.
First glimpse inside the Target Beauty Box
Here is everything that I received in this Target Beauty Box.
It was a pretty good assortment but unfortunately, a lot of doubles for me. 
Regardless, for the $5 I spent I received around $44 in products which is pretty fan-tastic if you ask me!

So what is all this stuff?

Fekkai Soleil Mist
I received this in a prior Target Box. It’s nice but I didn’t really need anymore. I do like to put this in one of my daughters hair to give it a nice sheen and to prevent yucky little flyaways.
Olay Active Botanicals
We received the day lotion and the moisturizing toner. I haven’t tried either and I probably won’t mess with a toner. Anything with alcohol I try my hardest not to put on my skin.
I will definitely use the day lotion though and see how I like it. I am pretty fond of Olay as a drugstore brand.
Hair Food Moisturizing Mask
The reason I bought this box! I have wanted to try this for so long and now I finally get to! I love the smell and while I haven’t tried it yet, it is one of those products that I am already in love with!

Crest White Stripst 3D 1 Hour Express
I already used this, these products are all kind of eh for me. I didn’t see a whole lot of results – and if there are only 4 treatments in a full size box I should see something right? I also find the little strips awkward and uncomfortable.
Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara
This is a nice mascara again though, I already received this in an Influenster VoxBox months ago. I don’t mind having another as I can pass it along to someone! (Hey, that hairfood is worth it!)


There Can Only Be One 

For $8.99 Monthly Vevabox sends you a 30 day supply of nail polish and I am right there with that! Here’s a little list of some good polishes for you mani lovers out there! I love nail stuff so I get really excited opening these!
I did receive less in product this month than the box costs. But the “In the Blush” polish is so pretty it made this box my big winner. I do however think that the price point of the Vevabox should be a little lower.
The first glimpses inside this month’s Vevabox
And here is everything that I received

So what is it all?

This is a super pretty turquoise-ish color. I already have it though. (Is this the month of doubles or what?) I never get doubles and all of a sudden this month BAM. 
I can pass this along though
This polish is gorgeous and I immediately gave myself and “In the Blush” manicure.
The Vevabox price was more than what we received this month however this was the only thing I received that I felt like I really loved… so it made this box my big winner.
Unfortunately, you can’t really see the color in this picture. Trust me, it’s nice. 

Until next month!

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