Snakku: August Launch Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Snakku is a brand new subscription box that sends you a monthly dose of 10-15 Japanese treats and goodies. Some are only found in Japan and some we may have already heard of as they’ve become popular here in the US.This subscription costs $38.95 monthly. 
I have been keeping my eye on this company for a while and have been pretty darn excited to give you guys this review!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
So with your first Snakku box you receive a traditional Japanese furoshiki.(used traditionally to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods) 
Kind of, a little bit, like Yogi Bear and his picanik basssket!
I like that this is included — it adds a more refined feature to this box.
I feel like I was given a basket of treats to sample.
It was like a Russian Nesting Doll. 
This is ultimately the final box separating me from all that delicious food!
It’s a slide box which I think is really cool. There seems to be a really neat natural element to this box. The packing material is more woody than most and we have the cool wave art on the box. This is really intricate, thought out packaging. It does not go unnoticed and I appreciate it.
Here is everything that I received in the “rusk” themed box. 
A rusk is a crispy twice baked baguette slice topped with cream, sugar, or frosting.

So, what is all this stuff you ask?

The Rusks

The company that makes these Matcha Tea flavored rusks was formed in 1924. So, they have lasted the test of time!
Pardon my AWFUL picture. This doesn’t really show the deep green color of this rusk. My western sensibilities make me think this will be some sort of garlic however this is totally green tea flavored and delicious! 
There were 8 of these included in the box. They were of various different flavors – all were a classic rusk, made on a baguette. These baguettes are made specifically for these rusks.
This was sweet and creamy tasting like French Toast. My daughter said it tasted like honey.
This was coated in sugar, it was simple yet delicious!
This was I think the Maple Walnut, you will have to forgive me because these weren’t in English which flavor each is was kind of left up to me to guess. So Maple Walnut it is! Regardless it was pretty yummy.
Despite it’s namesake this was my least favorite, however still not bad!
Garlic bread! This was a lot like our garlic bread.
It starts getting fuzzy here, I ate a lot of these and they were all good and they were mostly sweet. I’m thinking this one was more savory. Perhaps this was the spicy onion
This is the Almond Coconut, and this was – wowee! It looks like cornflakes but my oh my this is so good!
This is apple, which was wholly unexpected but very warm and a nice treat to have on a fall evening. 

The Popular Snacks

Summer Salty Pocky
Who doesn’t love Pocky?! Mine came a little melted but believe me, that DOES NOT stop this lady. No sir, not a bit. (I think I gained 5 pounds reviewing this box)
Bourbon Rumando
I received two of these so I shared these with the Mr. I don’t really have the words to describe the flavor. The cookie is made from a grilled crepe and is almost like a sugar wafer and they taste, creamy? There is  a rich flavor too, I’m guessing that is the Bourbon. I really enjoyed these and despite them being popular I had never had them before
Maison De Kukkia
There were three of these included in the Snakku Launch Box.
It’s a really thin cookie with two wafer outsides and a thin layer of Matcha Tea “choclate” in the center.
I liked the filling – the cookies, not so much.
These I was totally familiar with. There were two of these candies included. As far as flavor for this hard candy. Think green tea ice cream. 
This senbei (rice cracker) is topped with fresh cream and is probably my least favorite thing in the box. It wasn’t entirely bad but the texture was rough and the flavor was a little too abrasive for my tastes. 

In Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. I think I’ve already made my feelings on the presentation pretty clear but just in case you forgot it was positive! Curation is a HOME RUN. Everything in here is a phenomenal find and the fact that the box is themed only adds to the exotic experience in opening and receiving the Snakku box. Everything is top quality, particularly since Snakku includes local Japanese shops that have served their communities for many years.
As far as box economy this is a little pricey for a snack box coming in at $38.95. However you are getting double what you would get in a typical $20 snack box so I absolutely believe this makes up for that. It’s almost like you are getting double the snacks! Call up a friend, and make it a Netflix night!

Check out Snakku for yourself!

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