SnackCrate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

SnackCrate is a monthly snack subscription box that features a new country each month. They have a variety of subscription types to suit each type of budget.
Mini – $14 – 4-6 items
Original – $26 – 8-10 items
Premium – $49 – 16-18 items
We received the premium and it was absolutely loaded with stuff!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses of the August SnackCrate
Cool Germany sticker makes for a really neat August customization.
Here is everything that we received in the August SnackCrate
It was really hard setting it all up so you could see it in the picture.

So, what is all this stuff?

As you can see above we received detailed cards that translated what most of this stuff is.
Also included is a Germany fact card. The best one on there is a fact about JFK who was quoted saying, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” which translates to, “I am a jelly donut.” He probably had regrets about that statement afterward but he’d never, in a million years regret buying all the goodies in SnackCrate!
Erdnub Locken
Included in Premium
When I did the unboxing I thought that these would be like Corn Nuts… no sir.
More like corn curls and not cheesy. More peanut-ee.
They taste like something else that I’ve already eaten but cannot put my finger on.
Haribo Fizzy Cola
Included in Mini, Original, and Premium
This was one of the only items in the box that I had eaten before. My kids love the Haribo candies. These happen to be Mr. I’m Not a Tree’s absolute favorite!
Bifi Carazza
Included in Original and Premium
This is a little pizza sandwich. I was unsure after I opened it if it should be heated up or not. I didn’t and it really did taste a lot like a little pizza. Kind of like pizza lunchables but better.
Included in Premium
Upon first looks during the unboxing I was sure this would be my favorite thing. It wasn’t. Mostly because what I imagined and what it is are so very different.
I did not expect chocolate. The filling is good, yet super sweet. So this is one for the sugar lovers!
Ritter Sport – Knusperflakes
These actually have cornflakes in them!
Look, if you can’t read the calories and serving size… does it even count?
This is my favorite thing in the box. The chocolate is that perfect kind of creamy milk chocolate. Really just a rich and delicious (and huge) chocolate bar.
Nimm 2 Soft
Included in Premium
You can’t really see here but this is a big bag of candy! I at first thought these would be hard candies however I was wrong.
Consistency is that of a Starburst except it POPS! in your mouth.
It was pretty insane!
Oliver was surprised. If he looks unpleased here, don’t worry. He asked for more!
Included in Premium
This is a digestive biscuit covered in chocolate. It was just an eh for me. I did NOT know it was a digestive biscuit when I ate it. I is kind of crumbly. A little like a Twix minus the caramel.
Edible Paper
Included in Original and Premium
This is … strange. If there’s one thing I’m into finding out more about – it’s strange ish.
These are just flat papers…. black and white.
They taste like an ice cream cone but without the texture.
I have a lot of questions about this product. Why is there a mouse playing soccer on it? Why is it just a piece of paper? But most importantly….
Why did my kids find it so appealing?
I would say this is one that more suits the kiddos!
Included in mini, original, and premium
I haven’t had this yet. It is a hazelnut sandwich and truth be told — the only reason this bad boy is still here is because I’m waiting until the kids go to bed so I can have it all to myself!
Included in Original and Premium
I haven’t had a chance to try this one either for pretty much the same reason. This is filled with nougat as opposed to hazelnut. This is traditionally eaten by Germans in the morning – 9:30 am to be exact
Included in Original and Premium
I haven’t tried these yet. A simple butter biscuit named after the German mathematician who invented Calculus
Included in Premium
Fruit chews in four flavors. Apple, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, and Black Currant.
Kind of a waxy flavor with a fruity pop.
Kinder Bueno
Included in Mini, Original, and Premium
Mine came a little melted but were OUTSTANDING! These are apparently pretty popular but I had never heard of them. They have a filling that’s comparable to a 3 Musketeers bar. Also, strangely enough these are individually wrapped – different.
Included in Premium
There were two of these cookies ‘n cream flavored milk straws included in this months SnackCrate
My kids will love these as we have had the American version before.
Nutella & Go
Included in Premium
This on the go version of an old classic is apparently better from Germany and the ingredients are different to prove it. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I’ll be sure to keep you guys abreast!
Ahoj Fizzy Powder
Included in Mini, Original, and Premium
Wow, these are not something I enjoy but… you guessed it — my kids thought these were the bees knees! They are pretty cool to watch though, you add the powder to cold water or you just eat it. We added it to water and it fizzes like alka seltzer!
There were four different flavors included.

So, in Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. I feel like the presentation with this box is really nice, The box isn’t typical and we get a lot of information about the products that are sent which is nice in a box where the products are not in English. Quality is present in the box and inserts and even in the wrapping. They have their own tissue paper! Curation is where they wow us. They really get a huge collection of items from the featured country and the fact that we can choose how large or small our subscription is, is an awesome way of giving us some options! I really had a blast eating all these yummies and I think you guys will too!

Check out SnackCrate for yourself!

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