Kids Prize Pack Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Kids Prize Pack is brand new. This monthly subscription has options for either boys and girls tailored to their age groups. There is an assortment of cool toys and books to try to engage children and get them learning. Each box is $25 and promises to contain at least one book (which we love) and have at least a $40 value! 

I enlisted the help of one of my favorite boys to Unbox this box which is a 4-8 year old boy box

 Sorry about this madness! Unboxing with this guy is pretty crazy.

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses inside the Kids Prize Pack
Here is everything that we received in the Kids Prize Pack box.
My first impressions are that there is a lot of stuff. 
But the craziest thing is that my son is so INTO this stuff… like I had a hard time taking the pictures because he was trying to swipe it off the table. 

So, what is all this stuff?

Avengers Play Pack
This is cool. Usually you find these in Hello Kitty or Santa or something. Interesting to find it with Avengers!
My kids love to color and craft so I know that we will use this. 
World of Reading: Spiderman Level 2 Reader Book
Penny read this to Belle. This is perfect for the age group 4-8. 
My daughter is about five and she is just about able to comprehend most of this one. 
The girls couldn’t care less that this was a boy box. They were pumped to get new toys.
Marvel 500 Figure
I will admit I had no idea what this was until I opened it. And I will be honest, looking at toys like this just reminds me what is in the future for Oliver and as a woman… wow… I need to catch up on this stuff!
It’s just a tiny little man! 
These are apparently a line of collectibles.
Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Figure
$10 (?)
I could not find this figure for sale alone. Only with the other figures… so I did a little guesstimation on pricing. It’s amazing how different boys are from girls – my son hasn’t stopped playing with this since I opened it up yet the girls had zero interest.
Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants
Boss! This is something I can relate to! The whole Captain Underpants series is fun and an absolute awesome way to get kids “into” reading.
We unboxed this today, Penny has finished it already….
Proud Mom moment.
Funko Pop Ant Man
Okay, so I see these everywhere and to me they are just bobble heads. I had no idea the depths of peoples’ obsession and love for these little guys. This was the big winner by and large in my house. The kids have already fought over it, and if you are a parent of more than one you know that’s the tried and true way to know something is a hit. 
I have to admit, he is pretty cute!
Spiderman School Set
The comparable set I found wasn’t exactly the same but was close enough. This included the pencil case, 2 pencils, a little notebook, a sharpener, and an eraser.
Faber Castell Set

I couldn’t find this set ANYWHERE. It’s like a sampler of all the mediums that you could possibly have for child. There’s watercolor, crayons, chalk, markers, and pencils
This was my favorite thing, I sort of love it to pieces!

So, in Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Okay, so there are a couple notes I want to hit. Firstly, this made my kids really HAPPY. Like, they loved this box. They like doing the crafts from the craft boxes with me but for whatever reason getting all these little chachkies made them like… over the moon. So let’s just say curation is ON POINT. My second point is that all the above makes this a GREAT gift!!! As far as quality since everything included is supposed to be a “hot” or cool toy or book I am not sure that this point is really valid when trying to weigh the “value” of the box. Presentation is good. It came in a nice box and was absolutely loaded with stuff. I like that this box is honest. As a parent – particularly when I was a parent of one I would fool myself into thinking that we’d only ever use wooden toys and we’d never watch TV. Now, with four I don’t kid myself, kids sometimes don’t like wooden toys and they really like watching TV. This box takes those facts and tries to use them to bring kids back to that place where they’re reading and learning and for that they are AWESOME!
As far as box economy for the $25 this box costs we received approximately $48 in products which is so cool! Almost double the cost! I really love this box and I think that you guys will too! 

Check out Kids Prize Pack for Yourself!

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