After Baby Hair Loss

So my hair’s falling out now…. 
I had the baby four months ago and like an alarm, my body is shedding all that hair it didn’t lose naturally while I was pregnant. It’s totally normal but it’s utterly gross. 
And I guess I’m just curious how many of you out there have experienced this?

According to Babycenter it’s totally normal but it’s starting to turn up in places I would rather it didn’t. I find it everywhere… on the pillows, counters, in my buttcrack, in the diapers! It is just RELENTLESS. It stops at about 8 months or so, at least in my case it has with each of the kids and I for one, can not wait!

There’s the little culprit.

Anyway while it’s annoying it’s mostly just a nuisance except in the case of hair tourniquet syndrome which I have actually had happen with one of the kids before and it’s really scary! Basically a hair because wrapped around a finger or toe and it is hard to realize at first because of all those little rolls and in some cases (not mine – ours was easily solved at home) they have to cut the skin. YIKES!

But anyway.. was just curious if any of you guys experience / have experienced this?

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