O! Fudge Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

O! Fudge is a monthly subscription box that sends you an assortment of fudge.
There are different subscription options available. For instance there’s the classic subscription which includes four 2 ounce cups and can include flavors like Dark Chocolate and Butter Pecan. Then there’s the quirky that also includes four 2 ounce cups but has flavors like root beer, and key lime pie.  Each is $10 plus a $4.95 shipping fee. But maybe you can’t choose so you get both — the medley includes all 8 and is $20 plus shipping.

Want to see what it’s like opening one of these bad boys up?

Check out my unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses inside the O! Fudge subscription box.
And when we pull back the tissue this is what we see! 
Here is everything that we received in the July O! Fudge subscription box.
The theme was “Summertime Treats”
You may be wondering why I received 5 fudges, the answer is simple, O! Fudge recently changed their subscription plans and this is from the previous subscription model. I was really surprised with all the color in there. I was impressed with the packaging, all the fudges are sealed and inside each container is a spoon.

So, what is all this stuff?

If you watched the unboxing you know I said the shortcake would be my favorite and the raspberry lemonade fudge would be my least favorite… let’s see how they stack up.
This had red pepper flakes on the top so I was a little scared to try it but I was pretty impressed!
The actual fudge is DEE-licious! The red pepper is a bit spicy but not too overwhelming.
I liked this a lot but I am a huge fan of unique and fun flavor variations so this didn’t get my favorite fudge title
A view of the fudge from the side!
I guessed right I’m not a huge raspberry fan so it’s no surprise I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. Although I did eat it and it wasn’t bad there were four others to choose from and there can only be one favorite fudge.
This was crazy good and crazy sweet. Also, aren’t those tiny spoons cute!
There were tiny bits of apple in it. And it was for the sweet lover. Definitely the sweetest of the five fudges that I received.
I predicted this one would be my favorite and the lie detector test determined that was a lie!
This wasn’t bad and I will admit that I ate these all in a 24 hour time span but it was way sweeter than I imagined. Of all five this was the least fudge-ee as well.
If you can see in there, there are pieces of cake which make this really interesting and complex texture wise.

And… there can only be one

I will admit, I did not have high hopes for this but it has just the perfect amount of tart to make it so darn good! Love it!

So, in summary

Since this is a handcrafted niche box our usual rating system doesn’t really apply to this box. It is presented well and everything is packaged really cutely. Love the little containers and spoons.So packaging is A+. It is also a great quality! If you love fudge or you are considering gifting a fudge subscription box to someone you know who loves fudge then the O! Fudge subscription box is an awesome option and is definitely for you. This makes a really neat gift — the unique flavors paired with the clever and super cute packaging is sure to be a hit!

As far as box economy while I can’t give you an accurate amount as far as value I know this is an inexpensive way to sample some really quality fudge. 
So, yeah, I think the O! Fudge box is pretty swell!

But You Should Check them Our For Yourself!

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