Adrift Gifts Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review 

Not looking forward to the impending fall? Adrift Gift’s Beach Box is the PERFECT way to keep the summer spirit alive! For $45 a month you get the standard box which includes a beach themed assortment of items. If that’s a little too rich for your blood or you like to start small and work your way up there are also options for the small box for $25 and the mini for a mere $15. 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Love the message in a bottle logo!
Our first glimpses inside the Adrift Gifts Box
And when we peel the tissue paper back we peer inside to find all of this fun stuff!
Here is everything that we received in the August Beach Box from Adrift Gifts!

So what is all this stuff?

Handwritten Note
Aww! Love these sorts of personal touches!
Message in a Bottle
Sting just called, he wants this back! Badump bah!
I’m a terrible joke teller, I know.
This is really cute!
What a thoughtful inclusion. While this is really just a business card type promo item this would be a great decorative touch to your own beach themed room or beach themed whatever!
Gift from the Sea Paperback
The most notable thing about the Adrift Gifts Beach Box is that each item, save one, came wrapped like a little gift!
This gift is from the sea! (kidding kidding)
What beach day would be right without a good read? I haven’t read this yet, but I surely will and I’ll surely tell you about it once I’ve finished!
Mermaid Kisses Sugar Scrub
This smells amazing! I haven’t used it yet but I CANNOT wait! It has a really warm vanilla smell with just some hints of floral and is just lovely. Love the packaging on this as well. The full size is 9 ounces and if I like this I just may spring for it!
Small Anchor Leather Wrap
It looks a little crazy here but then I put it on and was like…
Whoa! Love this color – such a fun beachey look. Perfect for a night out or even just running errands. Totally in love with this! Mostly because it’s so casual and I’m a sucker for an easy to put on piece of jewelry. This wrap is definitely a cinch to get on!
Anchor Leather Bracelet
This navy bracelet has a super detailed anchor. I love how in depth the details are. I also like that this assortment of bracelets adds a stacking option – you can wear the two at once or just one. The choice is yours. Also if you are a little color shy Navy is a safe option as far as colors are concerned.
Preppy Stripe Snatch Clutch
When I was looking at this I wasn’t sure it was my style. When it comes to bags I’m not really a clutch gal because of the whole 4 kids thing. I also wasn’t sure of the print because it’s very bold and as far as bags go I’m a tan leather typa gal. However, even though I wouldn’t have picked this myself I would have to say I’ve grown really fond of this. If I was strolling the boardwalk (without) my kids this would be great! The colors are bold and summery and the clutch style is just perfect to hold my essentials!
Magnet closures
And of course a look inside
(Adrift Business Card Cameo!)
Florida Necklace
This necklace obviously in the shape of Florida is super cute. You can’t really tell her but there is a little heart right in the center where the chain goes through. I am actually going to give this to my Grandma who lives in Florida because I know she will really like it!
Nautilus Rope Bracelet
This is by far my favorite thing! Love the gray, love the chord, love the anchor. This has such a luxe feeling. If you watch the unboxing it’s a little tricky to get on but so beautiful. 
What Beach Box is complete without it!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We’ll start with presentation as this box has a unique and very fun way of bringing each of the items to you in a gift like format. So we love that! Quality is awesome… this is a nice, quality box with good items we feel comfortable with. As far as curation this box is so cool! Everything is super cute and fun and either comes from the shore or is made to take along! Just a perfect assortment for fun frolic day at the beach! I really love the spirit of this box and think it’s perfect for all the beach bums in your life, even if it’s you!
As far as economy we received the standard box which is $45 this box has a total value of  which comes to a total of $51.71 which makes this  (besides a really awesome box) well worth your money spent. 

Check out Adrift Gifts Yourself!

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