Urthbox Classic Review + Unboxing

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Urthbox is monthly snack subscription that sends you yummy healthy snacks!
There are a ton of different subscription options such as classic, vegan, diet, and gluten free. And there are also a number of size options starting at $12.99. I received the Small box which has 12+ snacks. There are also medium and large options as well. 

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the August Urthbox
Just because this is the small box does not mean it doesn’t have a ton of snacks in it. This baby was packed to the gills with little yummies!
Here is everything we received in our August Urthbox…. holy moly guys.

So, what is all this stuff?

This was sooooo good. It tasted like a blueberry fortune cookie. 
It is blueberry almond but the blueberry is just ever so light and they have a really good airy kind of texture. Awesome snack love these!
I would definitely buy these myself, repeatedly.
No one has tried this yet, my kids are dying to eat all of this stuff but they already received their daily snack allowance. I do love the packaging though, it’s really cute! This bar besides it’s super cute wrapper is high in antioxidants and omega 3’s!
I haven’t gotten a chance to try these yet but that flavor looks awesome! I have never tried Pistachio and Anise anything and while I’m not a huge anise fan I’m excited to try these.
I actually shared this with the kids and it looks very much like birdseed. It’s alright but it’s a little bland. The chocolate is really creamy looking. It was a very unique bar. Don’t know that I care to try it again but it wasn’t terrible. 
This cookie is HUGE! I am not crazy about Snickerdoodles however my kids are! I haven’t let them have at this yet but this will easily split between the three of them with some to spare for Mom! 
These look like they will probably be my favorite thing in this box. Reminiscent of the just slightly popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn box. I am thinking these will be yummy. 
This is a gamble item, I may like it – I may not. The blackberry flavor sounds good and I know chia seeds are really good for you but I am unsure of this.I have decided I am keeping this one all to myself to try. 
Tastes just like water! But is so good for the environment too!
BOPS are just chips, but still yummy. I like the gingham package too… super cute!
I have actually tried these and they are bit sweeter than I am used to fruit leathers being. However I still think they are quite delicious.
There are little pieces of coconut in there that give it a really neat texture. Also they are in the shape of a heart… how cute is that?!
We have tried these before and love them. I add these to oatmeal and the kids have almost double what they used to! It’s crazy how something in such a tiny packet could make such a huge difference. 
I love nuts so I can tell you right now that this is going to be a slam dunk. I haven’t yet had a chance to try this  but the package is cute and it is sold in cases so you can send these for lunches or school snacks.
These were soooo good. They were dark like the parts of a banana that are just a little too ripe and they were chewy and coconutty and delicious! My kids did not agree. They said they were gross and Isabelle actually spit hers out. So, not only is this a yummy snack it’s also one you won’t have to share with your kids! YAY!
I love this package! I am not a big chocolate banana fan but these will most likely go over well with the kids. These are surprisingly, made with vegetables. And they have no nuts so they are school safe. 

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Everything in this box has a high quality — so that is a huge win. Presentation is okay, not anything too fancy. I think they try to let the products speak for themselves. Curation is awesome. Everything in here is healthy and everything in here (except one item) is brand new to me! I’ve never tried any of these before! I think that is pretty awesome — particularly since there was so much in this box. 
I think for a snack box and a healthy snack box at that Urthbox is a great option.
And then there’s box economy… for the $19.99 this box costs we received $26.88 in products. But wait…. there’s two items I couldn’t even find the price of so it’s well over that. I think as far as value Urthbox is about the best in a snack box that I’ve seen yet! 

Check out Urthbox for Yourself!

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