LaNatura Subscription Review & Exclusive Coupon

*Box was received free for review

LaNatura is an all natural skincare line. Recently They’ve branched out into the subscription box world with their “The Green Box” If you remember I actually received one of their products in a Bluum Box. I have since tried it and LOVED it! So as you can see I was pumped for The Green Box.
I received The Big Green Box which is $49.99 quarterly but there is also The Little Green Box which is $29.99 quarterly. If you use code IMNOTATREE you’ll receive 15% of the entire LaNatura site including subscriptions on orders over $29. (Offer valid until 11/30/15)

Check out my unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Green Box
And again without the pamphlet
Here is everything that I received in my LaNatura’s Autumn The Green Box
I felt like I got a really fun and varied assortment of items. I also received a couple lotions and balms which are really nice for the changing season. 

So, what is all this stuff?

This is a mixture of White Tea and Coconut essential oils and is touted as being a great “transitional” scent from summer to winter. It smells phenomenal.
What’s even better is how luxuriously rich this PURE VEGAN body butter is. 
Along with providing deep moisture this body butter also aids in providing relief to irritated or inflamed skin.
This is made with Certified Organic Extracts. 27 to be exact! The Neroli (or Orange Blossom) Essential Oils are perfect for your before bed routine. The only words I can really use to describe this are thick and musky. It is definitely a relaxing and peaceful scent. There’s a cool tip included in the pamphlet about putting this in the refrigerator beforehand to get a cool, refreshing spritz.
(Full Size $25)
This is an anti-aging product. However beyond containing hyaluronic filling spheres (that is a fancy term I had never of before!) this is also super hydrating. I really think this is great for cooler weather when my lips tend to get chapped. I also love the simplistic packaging of this! 
Handmade with love!
The flavor has just a touch of mint and vanilla. I like how it goes on really smoothly and you can feel it coating your lips.
This is the travel sized version of LaNatura’s Green Tea Body Scrub. Made with green tea, it kind of resembles creamy pesto, no? I’m excited to try this although admittedly I haven’t yet. While the smell is tea like it is very unique, and kind of indescribable. The closest I can come with words is a subtle, warm smell. This claims to be gentle enough for your face. Also this scrub can be used prior to the body butter for a maximum cleansing and nourishing affect.
This is just perfect. I actually love this scent. It’s a mixture of fruit notes and floral notes. I like that it isn’t discernibly one or the other but the perfect mixture of the two. This is a younger type of smell but I would definitely still wear this. Makes a great summery day perfume
This luscious lip balm is entirely vegan (no beeswax) and is the very first of LaNatura’s Lip Balm flavors. I really like the simplicity of this. It’s a really nice flavor, but overall simple. I love the size of this, you get a LOT and it goes a LONG way! This is my second favorite in this awesome box!

What’s my favorite you ask?

I have adopted this product! Let me say first that I am not a body lotion person. It isn’t a thing that I require. My face gets really dry and I need to moisturize a lot! However my body is fine and the only time I really use lotion is when it’s a scent that I can’t get enough of. 
FOUND ONE I LIKE! Oh my guys… the ginger is just, Out. Of. This. World. I love ginger and this is just a perfect example of a great smelling ginger root product. 

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. LaNatura’s The Green Box is one of the most well rounded body care boxes I’ve received thus far. There’s something in there that covers you head to toe! So as far as curation is concerned this box has already wooed me. Presentation is great. And the quality of each of these fantastic items is so awesome. This is a PERFECT gift for someone you know that likes high end, organic, cruelty free products. Every item in here feels like a spa quality item. I really enjoyed this box! (Can you tell?)
As far as box econony. I received The Big Green Box  which is $49.99 and received $80 in products plus there are subscriber only coupons included in the pamphlet that you receive in the box! 

Check out LaNatura Yourself!

If you use coupon code IMNOTATREE you’ll receive 15% of the entire LaNatura site including subscriptions on orders over $29. (Offer valid until 11/30/15)

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