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Frankie & Albert is a monthly subscription box with probably one of the most unique concepts I’ve heard of. Basically they go and find you a bunch of flea market, yard sale, auction type antiques to decorate your home (or where ever)with. Upon signing up you get a pretty in depth style quiz that determines your likes and dislikes (which is pretty fun). And from there you will get a box of found objects. 
 The monthly price is $49.99 but with code IMNOTATREE15 you will receive a 15% discount off of your subscription to Frankie & Albert

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Frankie & Albert Box
Everything that I received in my Frankie & Albert subscription box. 
If you watched the unboxing video I didn’t read the card… if I had I would have properly introduced this box as “North African Themed”
I really just love the way it all looks together. I have to say that when I took the style quiz I wanted to be fair and show you what a random Frankie & Albert box was like so I was very vague and only filled in what I had to. As far as materials I think I put that I liked them all because I was super curious what I would get! I also tend to be pretty indecisive, so the more in depth the questions the harder it is for me to decide!

So, what is all this stuff?

Glass Ashtray
It’s so funny because we had tchotchkes like this one all around my house growing up and I took them for absolute granted. It’s beautiful and I love how the lines make it seem like it’s moving. I’m not sure what I am going to use this for yet and find it kind of ironic how we are now decorating with ashtrays now that society is pretty much done with smoking.
Brass Vase
This bud vase is exceptional. My stepdad has a lot of these but this one is notable because of the thickness of the brass. I also appreciate that this doesn’t have a design. Most of the time these have etchings or some other sort of design on them. I love the simplicity and flow of this piece.
Gold Leaf Saucer
I am over the top in love with this. It’s small and elegant but somehow retains a simple, understated presence. This is definitely going on my vanity. If you look closely you will see a little G pressed into the bottom and I scoured the internet trying to find what that could mean and couldn’t! Boo! I’m no kind of detective, I guess.
Two Toned Wooden Picture Frame with Egypt Postcard
Okay I’m going to start with the frame, it’s not my taste but it’s cool and I can see the appeal. Now, having said that the postcard is just…. I love this! I feel like they picked this FOR ME. The muted kind of “humble colors” and how this will go just perfectly in my master bathroom. This was almost….. my favorite item.
Demitasse Glass Mug
This small glass mug is super cute. It goes perfectly with the ashtray. I am actually gifting this to a friend because I know someone that will really, really like this! (I can’t say here because then that person will know!)

The Piece De Resistance

What is it? What could it be? Questions just loomed around this large parcel.
Old Timey Alarm Clock
Love isn’t enough. This is just….. the coolest. This clock has stories. This clock could have arisen someone at any crazy point in their life. It’s alive, I love that about it. My absolute favorite item in the Frankie & Albert box. There’s just something so… fictional about it? This is definitely going to grace my shelves for years. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Shoe in on quality, if the stuff’s lasted this long I think it’s safe to say it’s of a good quality. Presentation is nice– suffice it to say I think the pieces included in the box speak for themselves. Curation…. ah curation. Love it. The “North African” theme is present. I can definitely see it now. Kinda Jumanji? You feeling that too? All of the items I received are like time tested treasures and I love that about this box. Obviously to appreciate and like this box you need to be okay with old items. So long as you are okay with that you will love this box! I’m actually curious what I would get if I was really specific about what I like? The selection was crazy cool particularly because it matches almost perfectly with a theme I am doing in my master bathroom. I was really pumped for this box before I opened it and I am still fond even more so afterward! This is a great gift too. I would so love to receive this for a housewarming gift!

Check out Frankie & Albert Yourself!

Remember if you use code IMNOTATREE15 you will receive a 15% discount off of your subscription to Frankie & Albert

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