Kidstir Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Kidstir is a monthly kids cooking subscription. The mission of Kidstir is to instill in our children healthy eating habits and the reward of preparing your own meal. Each kit includes recipes so the child can “build” their own cookbook. Your first kit includes are little binder to put your recipes in. Kidstir is $19.95 monthly 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Kidstir subscription box
And a picture with the cutie cute wrapping!
Here is everything that came in our Kidstir kit this month
The theme is “Snack Attack”

So, what is all this stuff?

3 Recipes and Shopping List
Our three recipes are Yogurt Almond Bark, Kale Chips, and Animal Crackers
We also received a shopping list for all items not included in the box.
Veggie Bags
These are for straining the Kale 
Stoneground Crisps
For our Yogurt Bark!
Animal Cookie Cutters

So…. what next?

So, today was a special day because it’s Penny’s 8th birthday. So to get the day started right we just went to town with our Kidstir kit. The first recipe we tried were the Animal Crackers. We had such a blast!
Dry Ingredients
Mixing our dry ingredients
What you get when the recipe calls for light brown sugar and you send the other half to the store.
Some of our not so dry ingredients.
The part that we found most fun, rolling dough. This recipe is also the most messy… don’t know if there’s a connection.
Cutting them out and then putting them on a baking sheet

And finally

Stuffing our faces!
Next we decided to try the Kale chips. Little know fact about me, I don’t like Kale so I thought, “oh hey let’s try Spinach instead.” 
In hindsight all roads pointed to NO on this one and I didn’t listen.
So I followed the instructions and used my veggie bag to rinse and drain my spinach.
Seasoned it up and guess what. This is NOT a good idea. If the recipe calls for Kale… I’m just gonna use it next time.
Oh well, we just kept it moving and started our final of the three recipes, the yogurt bark.
It’s a little tricky using one of these things because they don’t mold to the sides like parchment paper (which is what the recipe called for)
After adding a few stone ground crisps (I know these pictures are bad. I was trying desperately to guide the kids and photograph everything so ehhh)
After adding some blueberries
And finally our strawberries and honey
And finally, our finished (frozen) product

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; presentation, curation, and quality. This box is perfect for a family with preschool to school aged children. The presentation is so cute. Everything comes all nestled in it’s little box neatly and nicely. The quality is great. The recipe cards that go in the binder are a nice quality and there is a definite attention to detail as far as the products that are associated with the recipes. I also feel like the curation is super! Our theme of “Snack Attack” was an absolute hit! I can’t tell you how many times I have eaten animal crackers in my life and I have never thought about making them myself. The recipes included involve specific tasks that aid kids in learning like spreading, mixing, rolling but they are also simple enough that we don’t get caught up in the details and forget about the main point, HAVING FUN!
I am not sure of a lot of the values on the items included so I haven’t done the “Box Economy” section for this box, however I feel like this box is an awesome value in the lessons it gives your child alone!

Check out Kidstir for Yourself!

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