Native Carnivore Launch Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon

*product was received free for review

Native Carnivore is a brand new jerky subscription box sent monthly. They’re pretty cool because they are Veteran owned and operated and we like that! But what makes Native Carnivore particularly special is it’s subscription options. The standard subscription is $24.95 and contains 3-4 different kinds of artisanal jerkys. A lot of the jerkys included are healthier than store bought options. However, selections vary  and each month the brands will most likely change– so each month it’s like a jerky surprise comes to your door.  But that isn’t even the best part. There is another subscription option which is the “exotic” meat box. Which means you’re gonna get a crazy kind of meat. Think alligator, ostrich, kangaroo! You can also choose 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. subscriptions as well.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The Box!
Our first glimpse inside the Native Carnivore Subscription Box
Here is everything that we received in the August Native Carnivore Exotic Jerky Subscription.
3 Different Brands 6 different kinds of jerky!!!

So what is all this stuff?

Carnivore Candy Bacon Spicy Sriracha Jerky
This stuff is phenomenal. Bacon Jerky is good to begin with but the Sriracha goes perfectly with it. It’s juicy and delicious and was probably my favorite jerky in this box! I received three Carnivore Candy Jerkys in this box and would like to point out that this company is over 50 years old. Their jerkys are also free of MSG and preservatives. It’s also low sodium and low fat.
Carnivore Candy Traditional Western Beef Jerky
This is just a really good, traditional jerky. I actually really like whatever blend they use to season it, it has just the right amount of spice. It’s somewhere between the softer and the tougher jerkys which in my opinion is perfect for a standard jerky!
Carnivore Candy Orange Teriyaki Jerky
This was such a unique flavor! I had never heard of anything like this before and I know I love orange chicken so obviously I was excited to try it. The flavor is great, obviously you have to like a sweeter flavor. This is also a little on the softer side as far as the meats tenderness. It was juicy and good. I love this brand, everything that we received from them was great!
Black Label Whiskey Straight Beef Jerky
This beef jerky was the best as far as texture. It was the kind you kind of have to rip with your teeth which is my personal fave. As far as the flavor it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Mr. I’m not a Tree liked it and although the flavor is intended to taste like whiskey — it tasted a lot like pineapples to me!
Buffalo Bob’s Cajun Style Alligator Jerky Stick
Besides the spicy bite of this jerky it didn’t have that much different of a taste than regular jerky. It was just tiny bit more “gamey” than typical jerky sticks but no other real differences.
I had never tried alligator before and now I can say that I have. I wasn’t aware but alligator is one of the leanest and most healthy meats there are. All Buffalo Bob’s jerky’s are USDA inspected and these alligators are farm raised right here in the USA.
Buffalo Bob’s Kangaroo Jerky
I was most surprised about this jerky. I guess on some level I was aware people ate kangaroo, I just never thought I would. Having said that, Kangaroo is a pretty understated meat. This is prepared using an Andouile recipe. It wasn’t really much different than other wild meat that I have eaten in my life. 
It comes in a formed stick. The kangaroo used for this jerky is also farm raised and USDA inspected.

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Native Carnivore nails quality, this subscription sends excellent meat. But our favorite is curation. Remember Native Carnivore changes it up each month so they are always on the lookout for different jerkys. I hadn’t heard of any of these brands before we received this box so I feel like they are also bringing a good level of brand awareness to their subscribers. The pamphlet we received had tons of information about each of the vendors included in the August box. I also felt like we received a really wide array of jerkys and there was something in there for everyone. I have to also stress I like the subscription system that Native Carnivore uses. The exotic option is awesome but we also understand that it isn’t for everyone, so does Native Carnivore. Exactly why they offer the traditional jerky box. I am really impressed with this subscription and I think it makes a great gift or even a monthly box of goodies for yourself!

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