Premama Prenatal Vitamin Review & Giveaway

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Premama is a new way to take your prenatal vitamins (they also make a lactation and fertility vitamin as well.)
Instead of a traditional pill, Premama is a powder that you mix with a liquid and drink. 
Recently I was sent a few samples to try along with an awesome giveaway of a one months supply for one of my lucky readers! 
You’re going to have to keep reading for that though!

I decided to add my Premama to lemonade
I wasn’t sure what to expect so I picked something pretty sweet that would cover up any harsh tastes that the vitamin might have. Once I added the packet of powder to the lemonade I realized that it really didn’t have much of a taste at all. The only thing that it really added was a little bit of sediment in the actual drink.
As you can see there is a tinge of cloudiness but the overall flavor of my drink is unchanged. I think this is a great alternative if you have a hard time swallowing pills!
800mg of Folic Acid
Omega 3’s 
30mg of OTC Vitamin B (soothes morning sickness)
Premama Fertility
Premama Prenatal
Premama Lactation
Gluten Free

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