Art Bento Promo Box Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

So I have a really fun little treat today! It goes by the name Art Bento Box
You guys know how much I love the new subscription boxes… this box is a promo box and so its still being tweaked and what not! How exciting! Art Bento promises to awake the imagination living inside you! Each month you will receive a box of raw materials that will aid in the creation of an art journal, happy mail, or artist trading cards. This box is going to be awesome for one sole reason – there is a lot of thought being put into the curation and materials that you will receive in an Art Bento Box so I am so happy and excited to be a part of all of that!
Pricing is $20 with a Kickstarter box and after launching boxes will be $25 

Check out the unboxy box video

(I was tired when I made this, the confusion really hit me)
Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Art Bento Box 
Everything that we received in the Art Bento Promo Box
One of the items was wrapped in this ADORABLE tissue and I just had to share that. Love it!

So, what is all this stuff?

Well first there’s our menu
A detailed list of all the boxes offerings. A white pencil which was included in each box. And a stencil that was also included in each Art Bento Box
Strathmore Artist Trading Cards (these are new to me) that everyone received, An Art Bento Box sticker, A sheet of blue craft foam, Shizen Handmade paper (which is stunning)
Yuzen white swirls on blue fine Japanese paper (everyone received) Fadeless Art Paper, More Shizen Handmade Paper
Custom curated bits of ephemera (that was a new word for me to)
My favorite things in the box.
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints in Aqua Green 
Maste Japanese Washi Tape
(love washi and this one is super cute)

OK, so now what?

Now you watch the Tutorial silly.
Then we create!
I will be honest with the four kids, the blog, and the wedding I get very little time to just hang out and do random stuff so this box was a welcome reprieve and I enjoyed, relished and appreciated every second of it. (My girls went back to school today so I used some of that quiet time)

Here is what I made!

My cover and second page of the Art Journal

I used scissors which is the lesser of the two choices.

Adding the washi tape to each page

I love these two papers together! How beautiful is that!

Adding the back cover

Trimming and Beautifying ( I made a small boo boo but I fixed it!)

That’s the paper I used for my back and front cover – I think it is so beautiful and the pattern is just absolutely gorgeous.

Adding the spine (I was so proud of myself)

The finished product!

Here are all the supplies that I didn’t use

I could realistically get an another entire journal out of all the leftovers!
How Generous Art Bento Box!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Art Bento Box has prepared us a quality line up of wonderfully curated art supplies to complete the journal. The curation is great. The papers are absolutely beautiful and the ephemera as well!
Pricing is $20 with a Kickstarter box and after launching boxes will be $25 and we feel like boxes will be worth every penny that we spend. We are very excited to see what’s next for the Art Bento Box and think it has a very bright future ahead of it!

Check out Art Bento Box Here

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