Terra Bella Launch Box Review + Unboxing + Exclusive Coupon

*product was received free for review

Terra Bella Box is a brand new beauty subscription box. The premise of the Terra Bella Box is to try to replace the store bought beauty products we’ve become accustomed to that are full of harsh chemicals and that test on animals and replace them with all natural cruelty free products. There are two different subscription options The Terra Bella Box which contains 5-6 items and is $37.95 monthly or the Terra Bella Box Lite which contains 2-3 items and is $17.95 monthly.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses inside the Terra Bella Box
Here is everything that we received in the Terra Bella Launch Box.
I really love the assortment of items – I feel like we got a really good variety of skin, beauty, and bath items.

So, what is all this stuff?

This travel perfume is scented Vanilla Sandalwood. My Mom burnt incense a lot as a kid – Sandalwood was one of them so this reminds me of her a bit. I may actually offer it to her because I think she would really like it. It has a musky scent with a little pop of Vanilla and is a nice light fragrance.
This companies’ story is a really nice one and I wanted to share. The story behind the products is that the creator had a friend who was in an accident and needed natural products that promoted healing and so this company was spawned from a recipe for lip balm from a nurse. The owner made the recipe at home and it kind of just blossomed from there.
These smell divine from what I can tell. I haven’t yet had a chance to use them though! I will definitely let you guys know what I think once I get a chance to try these luscious Tea / Aloe and Lavender / Vanilla Bath Bombs out.
This soap is incredible! It’s an exfoliant soap made with real Atlantic Sea Salt. We received the Shoreline scent and it is so refreshing and peaceful. I also love the packaging, this is definitely a high quality handmade soap.
Isn’t the bar pretty? And just so you know they have tons of cool products on their site so you guys should definitely go check them out!
My favorite thing in this box! I love this lotion! The scent is Oatmeal and Honey and all I can say is that it reminds me of breakfast… at Christmas. It’s perfection! The formula is nice too… just the right mixture for a good all around everyday lotion.
This mascara is handmade and vegan. I received black. 
I did try it out and it seemed like a really nice formula — however I am still wearing it so I can’t attest to taking it off etc.
The wand is of the thicker variety. I know I’m not partial to the pliable or the stationary however, for some people it’s a big deal.  I also received the cutie cute sticker with the mascara…SWAK baby!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Terra Bella Box has one of the coolest boxes I’ve received recently — I absolutely love the holistic feeling of the packaging. As far as quality I received 5 high quality, all natural beauty products in a really nice box with a high quality index card so the Terra Bella Lauch Box is definitely holding its own in that department. Curation is great, everything is from small batch and small business. Everything is also all natural beauty and skincare products. I feel like there is a lot of time put into the carefully sourced products featured in the Terra Bella Box and I truly see a lot of potential here!
As far as box economy the Terra Bella Box that I received is $37.95 and I received about $40.50. So we are definitely receiving more than what we spend on the Terra Bella Box. We also receive a good deal of brand awareness as I had never heard of any of these brands before the Terra Bella Box!

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