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*product was received free for review

St. Louis in a Box is a “place” subscription box that gives you a little bit of the best of St. Louis (in a box!) I am particularly fond of place boxes mostly because I feel like I get to travel… without having the kids embarrass me in public… again.(kidding – sorta) Subscriptions start at $25 monthly

One of my lucky readers will have the opportunity to win an “original” St. Louis in a Box, Box!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside St. Louis in a Box
Here is everything that I received in St. Louis in a Box.
This is full of stuff. If you are a St. Louis sports fan — this is the box for you. 
I think this makes a perfect givt for anyone who is moving to or from St. Louis as well. But I really just enjoyed all these goodies without moving to or from there!

So, what is all this stuff?

Schlafly Brewery Coasters
These are cool. These are definitely going to go on the bar downstairs. I had never heard of this beer before — I know there are a couple beers that are crafted around here that are only making their way to NE US now. So maybe one day we will have Schlafly in my area. Mr. I’m not a Tree also made me aware that Anheuser Busch is based in St. Louis so… I’m pretty much an expert on St. Louis beers now!
Schlafly Bottle Opener
Speaking of Schlafly. This is really cool. I actually really like the kind of “greaser” font that they use. Like something from a mechanics shop sign from the late ’60’s. Super cool and also useful.
Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies
These are really good, I let each of the kids try one as well and they definitely approved. These are a hot ticket item in St. Louis apparently. A staple snack sold to a St. Louis baker in 1938 and passed down through the family. The Dad’s brand sells a variety of cookies and other tasty snacks. Check them out!
Cardinals Lanyard
What Cardinals fan is complete without a St. Louis Cardinals Lanyard?!
This is actually perfect for me since I go places and never have pockets and wind up having to hold my keys the whole time! Definitely going to implement this guy!
STL Bumper Sticker
Show your St. Louis Pride on your car!
I am actually working on a tote of sub extras and I am putting all the stickers I receive on it, this is going on there for sure. 
Maull’s Barbecue Sauce
This stuff is crazy good! I haven’t actually put it on anything yet. We are using it on some chicken tonight but thus far it’s just been on my finger. It’s super tangy – love it!
Look at the ingredients, that’s crazy! Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Anchovies. 
Explains the tangy, zingy flavor!
Riverfront Times
The best in things to do in St. Louis. I received the Fall Arts Guide!
If I were a former St. Louis resident this is definitely something nostalgic that I would really enjoy receiving and possibly showing to people at my new locale.
G & W Bavarian Sausage Cajun Beef Stick
I couldn’t actually get on their site to look at their history but these were pretty tasty. Another St. Louis staple store that sells a variety of sausages 
 G & W Bavarian Sausage Chipotle Beef Stick
I’m honestly even lucky I had a couple bites of these because… Mr. was lurking around me like some sort of vulture waiting to eat these. This was good. I do believe I liked the Cajun better though, but not by much.
Old Vienna of St. Louis Red Hot Riplets
These had a little bite to them! This was probably my favorite snack I received in this box. I love the spice blend. Spicy but not too, too spicy. The chips are pretty textured as well which I really like!

*Side note, there’s some spicy stuff coming out of St. Louis, we dig that!

Vess Whistle Orange Soda
St. Louis Blues Koozie
My stepdad is a huge NHL fan and I plan on gifting him the koozie. On to the soda, these are good! Obviously since they are soda they are super sweet but I like them! This company (Vess) was a St. Louis exclusive for quite some time but has since been sold to Cott Beverages (so maybe we’ll see it out my way)
St. Louis Cardinals Mini Pennant
This is super cute, mostly because it’s a little small. I am definitely going to put this down in the “man cave” because we have tons of Major League Baseball stuff floating around down there.  I actually really like decorating with baseball memorabilia because it’s a cute way to make a “manly” area feel like an “Americana” area! (wink wink ladies, see what I did there!)
Fleur de Lis Necklace
I had to look up why this was included. 
My mother in law LOVES these! Totally going to give it to her.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. St. Louis in a Box accurately presents us with a box of staple St. Louis snacks, sports, and news in its’  St. Louis in a Box. With its unique collection of items and sports memorabilia you wouldn’t know about unless you’re a St. Louis resident or former resident it appeals to the homesick, the newbies, the avid traveler, and the fanatic alike. So curation is great! Presentation is tops with this box, everything comes well packed and well presented. Quality is awesome, everything was well received in my house – the snacks went over and I even got to add a bit of decor to the man cave! Overall, I recommend this box to anyone who’s missing St. Louis or wants to gift someone who may be missing St. Louis! Perfect for someone in the military or a college freshman. 
As far as box economy I didn’t do a typical numerical breakdown. Couple reasons for this, some of the items I couldn’t find a price for so I couldn’t include them in the total. But the main reason is that you can’t really put a price on homesickness. If you miss a place the price just doesn’t matter, not in my opinion at least. 

Check out St. Louis in a Box for Yourself!

Edit: St. Louis in a Box is not longer available for purchase.

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