My Texas Market September Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

My Texas Market is a monthly subscription box that sends you a variety of local Texas small businesses products. I’ve received a really cool array of things from them — from jewelry to bug repellent. This is a “top quality” kind of box. I don’t think I have ever received anything that I was just kind of eh about. 
Subscriptions are $35 monthly (September is sold out so you will have to wait until October)

Check out the unboxy box video

The video isn’t sideways it’s just the thumbnail I chose.. came out sideways.

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the My Texas Market September box!
Here is everything that I received in the September My Texas Market Box
This month’s theme is “Brunch” and I can totally feel it!
I like all of the boxes but I feel like this is my very favorite one so far!

So what is all this stuff?

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet however this wildflower honey from Guadalupe County Texas
is freshly harvested and the owners of the Gretchen Bee Ranch are devoted to replenishing the honey bee population in Texas. Honey Bees are important my friends!
This cute little grocery list looks good in any kitchen. Simple style but kinda chic as well. Love the black and white pattern!
Just one of the many lists I’ve made so far!
(kidding kidding)
Check out their Etsy though.. they have a lot of really rad stuff.

This soy candle smells great and is scented with eucalyptus, sage, and aloe. And while I haven’t burned it yet I really appreciate a lot of the design features. Firstly the green and the bronze look quite great together. Also the charm tied around the jar itself.
And finally the top has this really cool cut out that makes for a pretty touch.
This company also donates a portion of it’s proceeds to the Turtle Island Restoration!
Okay, I’m a suckkkkerrrr for cool packaging. SOLD. Love the packaging on this product. I had my mind made up before I even knew what it was. Turns out this is a drink additive (primarily) cocktails. Nevermind that I don’t drink cocktails! It’s a sweet nectar like syrup and I just love it. 
I was super pumped to try this. I went right for the gusto too – just plain old toast
This jam has only three ingredients; bacon, jalapeno, cane sugar.
Made fresh and with no added ingredients this really is a “pure” product
My toast. Okay, this was different! I have never had anything quite like it before. I will definitely not be eating this for breakfast however looking at the uses on the back after eating I did notice…
you can use this on literally, anything! The texture of this jam is crazy. The bacon is just big enough that you can feel it while you are eating. Definitely a must try (if you like spicy of course)
District Roaster Righteous Blend Coffee
There were 6 ounces of this yummy blend included in the box this month. District Roasters Coffee is all freshly roasted, fair trade, and organic (always a good thing!) Also, totally dig the stamping on the bag!

Shop Outside the Box

Each month My Texas Market also includes coupons in it’s “shop outside the box” menu item. These items are either too pricey or too large to include in the box but are definitely box perks!
This month there was a coupon for 20% of Sweet Thyme Design which does BEAUTIFUL hand stamped silverware. I’m actually really excited about this coupon!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. My Texas Market once again wows us with awesome, fantastic curation. Every item is a perfect compliment to a “brunch” themed box. From the jam to the gum syrup I love it all! Everything is an absolutely perfect specimen of quality. This box continues to introduce us to higher end products that we would never had heard of otherwise. Everything is also beautifully presented and we totally love the upgrade to a crush proof box! Way to go My Texas Market!
As far as box economy My Texas Market is $35 and we received $43 in products so we definitely got an awesome deal and a whole lot of brand awareness in this months My Texas Market box!

Check out My Texas Market Yourself!

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