My Coffeeism Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

My Coffeeism is a coffee subscription box that sends a monthly box of coffee and coffee related items straight to your door. I was super excited about this one because I sure do love a good coffee subscription! You have to order whole bean – however you do have the choice of flavored coffee or varietal. Subscription plans start at $22 a month.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses inside My Coffeeism
Everything that I received in the My Coffeeism subscription box

So, what is all this stuff?

Pure Morning Sticker
Pretty much sums it up! Love this cute little sticker
White and pink is a cool and quite uncommon touch we don’t get to see too often.
Coffee Pot Blueprint Print
This print is super cool. It’s small, but it definitely unique and a cute little add on for your own coffee nook. Like the slate like background with chalk-ish writing. Hipster-esque and almost has a bit of a steampunk feel to it.
Land of a Thousand Hills – Do Good Blend
There were 10 ounces of this medium blend single origin coffee included in the My Coffeeism Box.
This coffee is from Rwanda and promotes fair trade and is helping to improve the livelihood of the folks growing these beans. Hence the whole “Do Good” deal. As far as flavor this is positively delicious. Super smooth and just slightly acidic. Apparently, the volcanic soil is what makes Rwanda a prime locale to grow coffee!
Inserts about the coffee and the coffee farmers.
Drink Coffee Do Good Sticker
How cool is this sticker! 
I’ve been collecting all of the stickers that I receive and have been putting them on a tote so this will be a really cool addition! 

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. My Coffeeism is a really cute niche subscription for the coffee lover in all of us. I love that they support and promote fair trade coffees because that is something that we should all be striving for and feels like something most worthy of mentioning. All the products were so relevant and whats more they were cool! For that curation is great. Presentation is quite good too, we get that cool little coffee scoop and super nice burlap sack! The coffee itself is really good, it’s a great blend and is smooth enough for almost anyone to drink so I say the quality is AWESOME!
As far as box economy I couldn’t find a lot of the products to give an accurate price. I do know that getting a 10 ounce bag of coffee each month along with a bunch of other little coffee related trinkets seems well worth the $22 price!

Check out My Coffeeism for Yourself!

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