Deceptions of a Highlander Review a Romance Novel by: Madeline Martin

*book received free for review

This is the debut novel by Madeline Martin 

 Deceptions of a Highlander

This story is set in historical Scotland and revolves around a young woman named Mariel and a sultry lad by the name of Kieran McDonald.
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So, to preface this video — don’t watch if there are kids present. 
Also, there’s a couple of “provocative” words in here so if you are faint of heart I’d keep scrolling

So, what else about the book?

I realize this is a total step outside the norm for my blog but hey… it’s fun to shake things up — right!
This book is fun and a good read to pick up and put down quickly (if you have kids you know exactly what I mean!)
It took me a while with everything that has been going on in my life to read this; and so I developed a pretty strong attachment to the characters.

The story follows Mariel Brandon on her journey to free her brother from imprisonment. The tasks that Mariel sets out to do are hampered as she falls deeper and deeper in love with the story’s love interest Kieran. The narration changes throughout the story so that we are able to see both perspectives and live the story through each of these characters eyes. 
The best part of this story is Mariel’s heroism. She is not the type of chick you want to mess with, although you may not realize it upon first inspection. She is beautiful and seemingly frail and delicate. Yet she is trained in many arts of combat and is a worthy adversary for many an opponent. 
But can she combat Kieran? Can she defeat her own heart? 
I have been told that this appeals to people who enjoy Outlander ( I really don’t know much about it however I thought that might be important to add in there.) 
I know I certainly enjoyed it!

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Possession of a Highlander

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