September Battle of the Beauty Boxes

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Our monthly Battle of the Beauty Boxes has arrived! 
If you remember past battles we, over here at I’m Not a Tree hoard up our beauty boxes and combine them each month for a huge haul that pits each against each other called, “Battle of the Beauty Boxes”

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Where should we start?

So as you may or may not know about Birchbox. It’s a monthly beauty subscription that sends deluxe samples and full size cosmetic products based on an initial survey you take upon signing up with them. It costs $10 monthly. And has been my least favorite of the beauty subs. 
My first glimpse inside this month’s Birchbox.
I do love the box this month! 
Here is everything that I received in this month’s Birchbox

So what is all this stuff?

POP Beauty Sugarplum Trio
Okay so when I first see the colors I like them! They are really pretty! 
This is a little bright but it gives you an idea of the hue of each which I was really fond of
There’s two swipes of each on there. It looks inconsistent and kind of piecey… if that makes sense?
The pearly shade is probably my favorite as it has the most even appearance. 
I will use this but not a lot. 
Klorane Dry Shampoo
I haven’t used this yet… I still have the dry shampoo from last month
I do however like Klorane products so I am excited to try this out and let you guys know what I think!
ModelCo Kitty Lipstick
I love the packaging of this pretty lipstick. Typically these are sold in a trio — we only received the “kitty” lipstick in this months Birchbox
This is one of those almost “not there” colors. I happen to really like it. 
This is probably my favorite thing that I received in Birchbox this month
Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads
I haven’t used these yet either. I am certain I will as I love products like this! This is also a new cosmetic line for me as well. I had never heard of them before I received this month’s Birchbox.
PARLOR by Jeff Chastain
I received a 1 ounce shampoo and a foil conditioner. I did also receive the dry shampoo so as far as variety Birchbox isn’t really wowing me this month!

So in summary

Birchbox was good this month but I’m tired of shampoo! For the $10 it costs we received about $22 in products though which makes it pretty much worth our while!

Alright…. NEXT!

Here is my September Ipsy bag which is themed “Face Fashion”
I really loved the bag this month.
In case you don’t know Ipsy is another monthly beauty subscription box that primarily sends makeup products. They are my STRONG frontrunner in most of the beauty box battles. It is $10 monthly.

So what is all this stuff?

Ipsy NYX Trio
No, my palette didn’t come damaged… Oliver got it. So, that huge gauge taken out of it is from him taking the brush and trying to apply the shadow to his lips. This palette is pretty and I like the little case it came in (forgive this picture) but I can’t say it’s “for me”
I will use these as “night looks” smokey shadows. They are really nice as far as how well they show up. There are only two swipes for each.
Trust Fund “Elegantly Wasted”
I have been creeping on this polish since it was in people’s Ipsy Glam Bag’s last month!
Yay! I got it! Love this really light, lush lavender.
I am so pleased with this! I has a long brush and the application is really smooth. I like the way it goes on, I like the way it dries. I just straight up like this!
Avene Hydrating Mask
I haven’t tried this yet but this product is right up my alley! I love moisturizers and from the looks of this one this is a really nice, quality, high end moisturizer. Can’t wait to use it.
J. Cat Beauty Slide on Pencil
This pencil totally matches the bag this month! How cool is that? Anyway, I really like this as far as drugstore brand make up is concerned. This pencil is a super, nice alternative to liquid eyeliner.
It goes right on. Really like this. For a makeup minimalist like myself this is easy to use and a normal color / product! Probably one of the best items I received this month!
Crown Duo Fiber Shadow and Crease Brush
Super nice brush right here. I love getting new brushes I always anticipate using them and then don’t get around to it for a month or so. 

So in summary

Ipsy is always a great value and once again I am really happy with my glam bag this month. For the $10 that Ipsy costs we received $37.50 in products… that is pretty amazing if you ask me! However, there can only be one winner… and it just isn’t Ipsy for me this month

Our Winner 

Target Beauty Box
This month The Target Beauty Box did it for me. It felt like everything in this box was put in there for me. If you aren’t familiar with the Target Beauty Box which seems to be monthly now? Not even sure. It used to be whenever they released it you could go get a box while supplies lasted and get a box of different beauty products. It was not a recurring subscription so that was kind of nice. You know what is in there as Target posts spoilers so you can choose to not buy if the box doesn’t appeal to you. I go for all of them as all of them have awesome value! I try not to peek either!
Our first glimpse in Target’s Fall in Love box!
Everything that I received in the Target Beauty Box!

So what is all this stuff?

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Eh, I have like 100 of these in tubes laying around. The only remarkable thing about this is that it comes in a tub!
Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner
I can deal with this. It has a kind of strong floral scent but that’s okay. I haven’t tried this yet but I am excited to. I am glad that I received this!
Dove Quench Absolute
I used this and it made my hair pretty but greasy to the touch. I think I used a little too much. I do like the smell though. I didn’t even know that Dove made hair products. 
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil
This smells like coconut. I like that! I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but these products are always floating around these days! I’m sure I will use this and it will make my hair nice when I flat iron it. This is a really generous sample and I really like the way this box is heading!
Colgate Platinum White
I already have of these. It’s a nice toothpaste so another isn’t hurting!
Curls Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream
I love this product! So awesome. If you have curly hair you need to try this. Not only does it smell amazing but it also just made my hair so perfectly curly and pretty! I love it!

So that’s it for this month and Target took it home!

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