Blurt Foundation — BuddyBox Review and Unboxing | September 2015

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BuddyBox is a monthly subscription box that sends positive encouragement and cheer. From the Blurt Foundation the BuddyBox is designed for those struggling with depression as a means to add a bright spot to their day. However, the BuddyBox would make a great gift for someone who’s having a rough time or even just as a way to reward yourself during a trying time! There are monthly subscriptionsor just a one off box. There is also the option for BuddyBox “lite” which is a smaller less expensive version of the original BuddyBox.
The BuddyBox ships from the UK and so I am having to convert the 21.50 in British Pounds to $32.66 for a subscription price. There is also a $2.50 international shipping charge (which is super reasonable.) 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the BuddyBox
Everything that we received in the September BuddyBox!
There are a lot of fun items that bring a smile to your face!

So, what is all this stuff?

Book By Charlotte Reed
This book is so awesome. Love the illustrations and the positive message that it sends to it’s readers. There is a lot of simple wisdom in here that in the harder moments of our lives may be difficult to see. May the Thoughts Be With You is a way to keep “happy thoughts” close by and on hand!
I really like this page.
(I’ve done this alot)
And this one too!
(kind of apt in my life!)
Such a unique, awesome concept. These beans have inspirational messages inscribed on them that are visible on the beans as they grow! I have never heard of this before and happen to think this is super duper cool!
An up close of the beans in question!
These are super cute! I have noticed that adult coloring is becoming more and more popular. These dog sheets are super cute and a fun ways to de-stress!
How adorable are they all! Just so you guys know there are two sheets and they are poster sized. So, you will definitely have many dogs to be colored! Check out her Etsy, she has tons of other cute things as well! 
There is a postcard, an info card for the Blurt Foundation, a pass along card to spread good vibes, and a social media card. I really like the pass along card. This is a good way to put out some positive energy and change someone else’s day for the better! Never know who that may affect.
This citrus and bergamot roll on aromatherapy essential oil is so invigorating and enlivening. I love that it comes in a roller and is great for your purse or bag when you are on the go! 
This is a great scent to put on in the morning to try to get your day going or even if you are in a bit of a glum mood and need a little pick me up! I put just a little on my wrist about three hours ago and can still smell it on me!
I haven’t had a chance to try this yet. It isn’t quite cool enough out here yet for hot chocolate. However, this looks like it will be yummy. Definitely a pleasant addition to any warm fuzzy box!
I love the packaging on this as well, the canister is really nice. Hot chocolate sometimes comes in those individual bag type things and is all around messy and a pain to store. I like this way a lot better!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Presentation is awesome! Everything comes in the really nice, sturdy BuddyBox, All the items are really nice and of a very high quality. But where the BuddyBox makes the most impact is curation. Every item really does feel warm and like a really heartfelt gift that we’ve received. The term “hug in a box” is not an exaggeration — all the items sent are sent from a place of positivity and love. The BuddyBox is a perfect gift for someone going through a rough time or for yourself as a treat! I feel like the BuddyBox can be appreciated by adults and children alike and it’s a truly versatile box that can be given for a lot of different reasons. 
As far as box economy the total cost for the BuddyBox in US dollars is $32.66 and we received about $34.33 in products. So we are definitely getting our money’s worth!

Check out the BuddyBox for yourself!

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