Pampers #SagtoSwag Influenster Voxbox

*product was received free for review

So, obviously I’m back on Influenster
which if you aren’t familiar with is a site that sends you free stuff for an honest opinion. They have recently expanded into more an “emporium” of reviews but I don’t mess with that part of their site as much as I can avoid it. 
So yeah, they send out Voxboxes. Positions for voxboxes are coveted and limited…
I was sent The Pampers Cruisers Voxbox  (rad)

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Pretty Small Box

A glimpse inside

Everything that I received in the Pampers #SagtoSwag Influenster VoxBox

So Here’s What I Think of the Diapers

So the basic gist of these diapers is that they are a bit more cinched than the other Pampers diapers.
(Pampers I received on left – the Pampers that I have at my house on right.)
As you guys probably remember I do cloth diaper however, recently since we introduced solids we’ve been putting a regular disposable on Viv because she has been having massive blowout poops and I really don’t feel like machine washing all that poop. So we gave these a whirl and while  they are a good option for parents with older children, Oliver doesn’t wear a size three so many of the benefits  like; moving freely and walking easier didn’t really apply to us unfortunately. They are a tad more absorbent and the same great quality as regular Pampers though!

Here is the Sag to Swag Video!

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