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Girls Can Crates are a brand new subscription box for girls ages 4-8. This box sends a monthly set of STEM and STEAM (I will be honest and say STEAM is a totally new concept for me that I was not aware of before this box) activities inspired by one historical female figure. 
Kits cost $29.95 but with coupon LAUNCH20 you’ll receive 20% off your first crate!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Girls Can Crate
Everything that we received in the Bessie Coleman Girls Can Crate
Before I get into the parts of the Girls Can Crate I want to be sure that you guys know what STEM is! 





It’s super important, particularly with young women. I have three daughters so I try to actively engage them in STEM activities. Test scores have shown that children, particularly little girls are falling behind in subjects like Math and Science. STEM activities (and now STEAM) bring those four components together to try to broaden our understanding of those subjects. And STEAM uses Art as a vehicle to drive the STEM activities (if I’m not mistaken)
It’s one of those things I feel passionate about. I think we should strive for our children to have a fair advantage. Starting them out on the right foot is my best bet!

So what is all this stuff?

I love the cards they include that explain about the Heroine of the month. 
Everything is so kid-friendly!
The center item is an activity book and the card on the right has a list of Bessie Coleman facts.
After we talked about all the Bessie Coleman facts Belle saw the picture on the back and said, “She’s a REAL person.” Which really makes us aware how distant some concepts are for children.
This is the bag of things parents may not want children to have unsupervised! I love that it was separate. The markers and scissors that were included in the kit were in this pouch along with a little card that explained a parent should help you with those items.
Little kid bling right here! Check out those dress up stickers! They are for a activity in the book above!
When I first saw this kit I had no idea why one plane would have paper, balsa wood, and straws and tape. I was honestly a little nervous thinking I can probably never construct this plane. 
Also let’s note that everything is not pink! YAY and HOLLA! 
These had the how to’s on each project. Everything was very easy to follow and simple.
Ummm pretty much the coolest hat ever — and it has goggles. I can see the fights breaking out in my head over this baby!
Oliver wore it first. 

So, what do you do with all this stuff?

We started by referring to our instructional cards!
The very first thing we did was cut out the shapes on our stunt game, game board.
Then we hung our game board in a doorway (my guest toilet making a little cameo)
Guys! There is a paper plane you can build with a straw! 
I was amazed! I had never heard of that before in my life. There are three planes that you can build with the Girls Can Crate, which is awesome. We built all three!
Cutting out strips to create our straw airplane. 
How we keep little brother occupied!
Just like Bessie Coleman we are licensed to fly! Here are our three planes ready for takeoff. In case you can’t tell Oliver and I made the paper plane… we’re pretty sure we are going to win.
Ready for our flying stunt game!
As you can see the Balsa plane beat MY FANTASTICALLY CRAFTED paper airplane. 
So for the second round we used the straw plane which was nimble and much more accurate and annihilated the Balsa plane. The game was SUPER fun. I actually felt like I spent quality time with my daughter!
Finally, we wrapped it all up with the activity book. Which was a nice way to sort of “wind down” from all the flying stunt plane excitement!
Dressing up Bessie Coleman!

In Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Girls Can Crates are probably one of the coolest boxes I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. As a parent and woman I appreciate this box. It is hands on which is so important. I am, as an adult more able to learn in a “hands on” situation. I can only imagine that children are the same. I am super impressed with the activities and how they work together to bring the theme of the box together. I like that the figure isn’t someone we’ve heard about over and over and over again! This box is fresh! And so for curation we give the Girls Can Crate and A++++++. Seriously, bravo to them! This box is phenomenal. Of course everything is high quality. And presentation is so great! The index cards are so nice! All the instructionals are well thought out and easy to understand. They have things separated in bags so it’s easy for parents to guide children. I could just go on and on. But the most important thing is that we had fun! 
Kits cost $29.95 but with coupon LAUNCH20 you’ll receive 20% off your first crate!

Check out Girls Can Crates for Yourself!

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