Fab Fit Fun VIP | Fall 2015 | Review | Unboxing

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Fab Fit Fun is a lifestyle subscription box that sends you a quarterly selection of the hottest full sized, premium products. It’s $49.99 Quarterly. 

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpses inside the Fall Fab Fit Fun box.
Everything that we received in our Fall Fab Fit Fun
This is obviously my first FFF box. I’ve kind of been reluctant because it’s a little pricey and because I have a hard time seeing the photos of the “practical” box items, ie, electronics and getting the same excitement and thrill I do from other boxes. I decided I would try it out and see how I felt after I actually received one to make a real decision on how I feel about this box!

So, what is all this stuff?

The magazine that comes with the box and a Crest Power Couple Sample. In addition to two different gift cards (which is really awesome) One for $15 by Jeweler’s Wife and one for $75 from Picture it on Canvas. 
The Purple Purse is an organization devoted to stamping out financial abuse. If you aren’t familiar Read A Little about the Purple Purse. The keychains serve as little beacons of hope for a future without domestic violence. 
The whole point of The Purple Purse
The charm represents how women can regain control of their purse strings.
I wasn’t sure exactly what this moisturizer was. Even now, it’s touted more as a “miracle” “all in one” product rather than a moisturizer.
There is only 1 oz in this tube but I assure you, a little bit went a long way. I actually really like this! I felt like this was a little bit thinner of a moisturizer than I like but I love the effects it had on my skin! 
Hand without Flawless Skin Fluid
This made my skin absolutely radiat! I love it!
This Gold face mask includes Rose oil and Collagen. The benefits include stimulated circulation, increase in activity of enzymes, and smoother, softer skin.
However, I look a little bit like el luchador, no? My kids were terrified and hated it, usually that means I love it because for the time I have the mask on my face they leave Mom ALONE! This mask did have a con though, it’s heavy and I kept having to reposition it. I didn’t mind and my skin is foster but I can totally see how that could bug some people. Every time I repositioned I had to wipe the goo from it off my hands.
This is a nifty little gadget that I’d never think to purchase on my own. A rechargable portable charger. Does that make sense. Basically you charge this, take it with you and are able to charge your phone while you are out without having access to a power outlet! Super cool. If you are a FFF Select member you got to choose the color for this item. 
I wasn’t immediately wowed by this bracelet however I did like the message of hope the organization that brings it to us is all about. Tribe Alive partners with artisans worldwide to employ women who are impoverished. Through Tribe Alive they have access to safe job at a sustainable wage. We think that’s rad! 
After I put it on I fell absolutely, madly in love with it! So delicate and pretty. I will wear this a lot! This was the second customizable item for the FFF Select members.
I haven’t tried this yet but I definitely need some sort of a regular workout routine I can do with the kids around. I’ll let you guys know how this works out for me! 
Also, the gist is resistance tubes, it comes with a DVD to help get you going with the exercises. 
This is a primer, a gloss, and a lip stain all in one product. Usually when I get stuff like this the color sucks… not this one!
So pretty. I had never heard of this brand before… now I know!
As you can see it has some beautiful pink tones to it. I like it on as well. 
Noticeably Absent
As I was going through all the stuff, it just felt kind of empty. Like, something was missing. Going through the magazine lo and behold they had forgotten my umbrella. Yes, this season’s Fab Fit Fun came with an artist designed umbrella worth $32. I emailed their customer service team and they are sending my umbrella straight away. They responded immediately… which was awesome. I actually really like that it was so simple and even though they made a mistake they are making it right! 

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Fab Fit Fun has it all. Everything is so cool and I hadn’t heard of any of it before. Everything was chosen with care and everything is of an absolutely awesome quality. I am really happy with the Fall Fab Fit Fun and will definitely be getting the next season’s box!
As far as box economy (I think this may arguably be the most amazing thing about Fab Fit Fun) for the $49.99 we pay we received $267 in products. Granted, I haven’t received the umbrella yet but I’m pretty certain I will. And if I don’t, you guys will be the first people I complain to. And don’t forget  the cards. Adds an additional $90 to sweeten the deal!

Check out Fab Fit Fun for Yourself!

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